Friday, October 14, 2011

Silent Night

Every year, our local fire departments have a ceremony and parade honoring those who have been lost while serving our community. It's called the "Silent Night Parade". We try to make it out every year to see the flashing lights of the fire trucks and to say a big "Thank You!" to those working to make our area a safer place.

Yesterday, the silent night parade followed a huge tragedy in West Michigan. We lost an officer in the line of duty yesterday. During a high speed chase that followed a bank robbery, Officer Slot selflessly offered to help stop the suspects and was killed for his effort. You can click here for news coverage.
The boys certainly had fun checking out the equipment and trucks available to look at. I know that Jeremy enjoyed showing the kids all there was to see after a long day at work (he was working when Officer Slot was killed).
The big boys got to climb up in a real fire truck.
Even with the rain coming down, we still had fun saying thanks to the fire fighters present.

While we had fun at the Silent Night Parade, yesterday certainly served as a reminder that many brave men and women put on their uniform and kiss their loved ones goodbye daily with no guarantee of coming home at the end of the day. Every day they put their lives in danger to help the public, whether by fighting fires or chasing bank robbers. As we remember all of our fallen heroes, I'd like to ask you to specifically pray for Officer Slots family and friends, the officers to daily risk their lives to protect us all, and the officers at Walker and the surrounding area who are grieving the loss of one of their own.


Anonymous said...

Nice tribute Melissa. The boys look so big in these pictures.


Jenney said...

Wow. What a reminder. I'm sorry you guys lost someone. Never ever easy.

Anonymous said...

Your city has a nice tradition each year. Cute pictures of the boys!
A. Jeanette