Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Pictures

Yes, belated, I know. But I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures we took of our family on Easter Sunday. Fair warning, they aren't terrific. The sun was bright (even though it didn't seem like it at the time), the kids weren't fantastic participants, and Jeremy was super tired after working the night before and coming to church with us. But, they are family pictures.

Proof that my kids love each other.
Some cute shots of just the boys.

We got the boys to smile and pay attention by asking them to repeat silly phrases and making silly faces. Grayson, as always, had a couple of pictures taken with him repeating funny words. Oh well. Makes the memory.


Sara said...

AHH! The sweater vests...I can't handle it! They are seriously adorable boys! The family picture is great. That is a framer, for sure!

Kim M said...

YEAH!!!! I love them, gonna steal some for myself. I seriously think you need to put these of the boys individual and one together on your sidebar. Absolutely adorable!

Thank you,

Kevin P. Mahan said...

So glad Grayson discovered his pockets. So adorable with one hand in and one hand out.

Grayson and I even have the same paterning baldness, but I think we're heading in opposite directions.