Monday, May 9, 2011

Blessed by the Butterflies

The other day, Jeremy and I took the kids to the Gardens to check out the butterflies and get some sunshine on our faces. He actually managed to get a semi-decent photo of nearly 39 week pregnant me, so I thought I'd finally share one. Please be sure to notice the cute boys, not the huge lady.
The butterflies really liked being around us while we were there.
One even landed on my belly for about 15 seconds! I desperately tried to get some pictures. They turned out blurry.
Here's this one as he flew away. By my estimate, "Tokyo" has now been blessed by the butterflies. He's due to come anytime now.
This butterfly flirted with landing on me, but he chose this lady's bright blue shirt instead.
I took tons of pictures of the butterflies and flowers.
Then we got outside. The boys were kind enough to pose for a few cute pictures of them together!
And, of course, we played! Lots of playing.
Aren't these going to be the most handsome two big brothers in the world soon!?
Yeah, I thought so too.

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Jenney said...

CAN"T WAIT TO SEE NEW BABY PICTURES!!! Love the one with Jayce and Grayson on the rock. Too cute!