Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rhys Ronald

Yes, we are about a week late. However, we are pleased to announce the birth of our third son, Rhys Ronald. He was named after his Grandpa, who went to be with Jesus in 2009. He was born May 10, 2011 at 4:48pm. Rhys was 7 pounds, 15 ounces, and 20 inches long. He is by far the smallest baby we've had! His brothers are in love with him, as are we.
Rhys is adjusting well to life at home. He really is a great baby. He rarely fusses or cries unless he's hungry. As you can see from this photo, he looks nearly exactly like his brothers. I find it amazing that all three of my sons newborn photos look so similar.
Jayce and Grayson are constantly asking to hold Rhys. They often fight over whose "turn" it is or how much time the other boy has left to hold him. They are very curious about everything concerning their new brother, from diaper changes to feeding.
Of course, the big boys are always ready to entertain when Rhys is awake. They were very excited to see this "chair" that Rhys gets to use. Grayson is constantly trying to take Rhys his baby toys, and Jayce is always hugging and kissing on him, or just trying to be close by.
Of course, we are in love with our newest addition.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Blessed by the Butterflies

The other day, Jeremy and I took the kids to the Gardens to check out the butterflies and get some sunshine on our faces. He actually managed to get a semi-decent photo of nearly 39 week pregnant me, so I thought I'd finally share one. Please be sure to notice the cute boys, not the huge lady.
The butterflies really liked being around us while we were there.
One even landed on my belly for about 15 seconds! I desperately tried to get some pictures. They turned out blurry.
Here's this one as he flew away. By my estimate, "Tokyo" has now been blessed by the butterflies. He's due to come anytime now.
This butterfly flirted with landing on me, but he chose this lady's bright blue shirt instead.
I took tons of pictures of the butterflies and flowers.
Then we got outside. The boys were kind enough to pose for a few cute pictures of them together!
And, of course, we played! Lots of playing.
Aren't these going to be the most handsome two big brothers in the world soon!?
Yeah, I thought so too.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Pictures

Yes, belated, I know. But I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures we took of our family on Easter Sunday. Fair warning, they aren't terrific. The sun was bright (even though it didn't seem like it at the time), the kids weren't fantastic participants, and Jeremy was super tired after working the night before and coming to church with us. But, they are family pictures.

Proof that my kids love each other.
Some cute shots of just the boys.

We got the boys to smile and pay attention by asking them to repeat silly phrases and making silly faces. Grayson, as always, had a couple of pictures taken with him repeating funny words. Oh well. Makes the memory.