Thursday, April 21, 2011


Our church campus is currently renting a facility on Sunday mornings, so when we go to church on Wednesday mornings, we end up going to the same church that I volunteer at for MOPS. Therefore, every other Tuesday morning and every Wednesday morning, I get to hear two little voices scream from the back seat, "There's the big apple!" as we pass by a local apple orchard and shop. And yes, out front they have a very large apple that the kids were just dying to get out of the car and visit. We finally stopped (again - they've been there before, trust me) and checked out the orchard the other day. Of course, I wasn't really planning on stopping, so all I had on me for pictures was my cell phone, so beware, not-so-great pictures ahead!

We went inside for a donut and apple cider (only $1 because it's their 100th year!) and had to take a quick potty break and came across this cool old car/truck.

We had a lot of fun just running around outside for a little while on a not-totally-freezing-or-down-pouring day this week.

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Kim M said...

I love how they enjoy even the simple things in life! It's worth the fun and joy to make impromptu stops along the way and enjoy the moment.