Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Fever

In light of the fact that this:is what we woke up to this morning, I'm choosing to see the beauty of the ice on our surrounding trees and bushes (and roads and cars - since I'm inside today) and I'm thinking back to just a few days ago, when we spent two full days out of the house, outdoors in the sunshine and pleasant spring weather....
We made trips to the Gardens and our local zoo on our two beautiful days of sunshine. Unfortunately, I neglected to bring the camera to the Gardens, so today, zoo pictures.
Of course, I took some pictures of the animals. The otter was out and playful, Jayce really thought the iguana was cool, the penguins are always a favorite of mine, and this poor horned owl was being fed a tootsie roll pop by a group of teenagers. Thankfully, he survived.
More importantly, here's pictures of the kids. I told Grayson to act like a fish. Here's what I got.
Jayce posed with the bull frog. This one is especially for my mom, who loves frogs! (This is completely sarcastic, she hates them. Something about a bad experience... we'll leave it at that.)
Here's Jeremy trying to point out the snow leopard to Jayce. He was actually active and "talking" while we were there!
Jeremy showed off his jumping skills, so the kids wanted to see how high they could "jump" with a little help from Daddy.
Grayson with the pelicans.
Looking for lions. They were a little harder to see this time. I suppose those African animals don't really appreciate high 40's and low 50's with sunshine as much as this native Michigander.
The boys posing with the Komodo Dragon. We actually got to see him up and walking around. I think that was the first time in several years of visiting our zoo.
Posing with the penguin statue.
Of course, we played on the train.
Grayson tried to give me a heart attack by climbing over some stuff in a very dangerous way. That poor kid has more bumps and bruises on his head, I just didn't want him to fall again...
Sitting at the table in the "dining car".
When we asked Grayson to sit with me and smile for a picture, he put his arm around him. So cute!
Mommy and Jayce.
Grayson doing more acrobatics on the train.
Grayson got a thrill ride on the way back to the car. Jeremy let go of the stroller and let him roll down the hill. He thought it was great fun!
So Jayce got in on the action too. I think he just wanted an excuse to shove Grayson down a hill, and he saw how much fun Grayson was having.
That led to Jayce and Jeremy running along with Grayson in the stroller. I was laughing at the top of the hill, trying to keep up.
Grayson even got a kick out of falling on his rear while trying to get off the stroller while it was still moving.
All in all, a beautiful day spent outdoors with the family. And something to look forward to... when all this ice melts away. Happy Spring!


Kim M said...

Love going on your zoo adventure with you through your pictures and story! Love Grayson's expression when he posed with you and put his arm around you. Could have done without the frog, but a picture of Jayce along with it makes it worth it! Spring will be welcome when it decides to come back and stay!

Love you,

Rachel said...

Looks like fun! I love all their many expressions! I especially like the picture where Grayson put his arm around you. Cute!

Jenney said...

SPRING IS ON ITS WAY (or so I hear...)

Aunt Jeanette said...

Frogs? Oh, yes. We have HUGE ones here. Don't think we'll bring her one, though. A. Jeanette

Sara said...

Love that you finally got in some pictures!