Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Resolution

I'm deciding to continue on my year of the new Melissa by giving myself a new resolution for the month of March. It's come to my attention, and not by any other person than myself, that I waste a lot of my day. There are days in which I am busier than I can imagine and just sitting down to eat is a treat, but most of my days are not like that. I find myself spending a lot of time sitting in front of the TV, playing video games, surfing the Internet, and generally doing things that are not necessary.
So, this month, I'm resolving to catch up on some reading. I'm giving myself 5 books (it was originally 4 books that I've started reading, but never finished) to finish reading before the end of the month. I'm actually planning on keeping a "book journal" that I'm going to take notes in throughout this journey. I've found myself much better at remembering things when I actually write stuff down. I'm an avid note taker at church on Sundays because of this. Here's my list:

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller
*I've had this book for probably 5 years (a gift from my brother, I believe) and I started reading this book last summer, but I never really got into it. Therefore, I'm finally going to finish.

Bittersweet by Shauna Neiquist
* I went to a book reading by Shauna this fall and really enjoyed it, so I bought the book. I started reading it that same week, and just never finished.

For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn
* Jeremy and I went to a marriage conference last February, and I picked this up here. I ready 3/4 of it soon after, and actually picked up several copies to give away for Christmas, but I never actually finished reading it.

Have a New Kid by Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman
* I heard all kinds of good things about this parenting book a couple of years ago, so I bought it and started reading it, got the main idea, and quit reading. Again, I stopped for no apparent reason - I've even traveled with this book several times, hoping to finish it, but never have.

Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell
* I was only going to pick out 4 books for March, but I've had this for a while (another Christmas present from my brother?) but never had much of a desire to read it. However, after all the controversy surrounding his most recent book this week, I figured I'd check it out. Besides that I'll have a little extra time this month because I'm getting away for a whole weekend without kids!

Wish me luck on my newest adventure to becoming a "new Melissa"!


Kevin P. Mahan said...

:) Yes, both were gifted to you at the same time. Enjoy!

megs said...

What a great resolution! Good luck!

Jenney said...

Can I make a suggestion? Give "For Women Only" to Jeremy and ask him to read it first and write notes in the margins. Matt and I read them both (the woman and the man versions) and read each others too and made notes. It was a really good experience.