Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boy Genius.

Yeah, I get it. Everyone thinks their own kid is fabulous. Of course, I'm of that same persuasion. However, I really do think I've got a smart one on my hands here. Tonight's evidence? A drawing of Lightning McQueen, complete with the word, "Rusteez" written across Lightning. He completely sounded out the word on his own. He decided it should be spelled "Rusteez" because I recently told him that "tree" was spelled with 2 e's because of the "eee" sound in it. Apparently it sank in.Both of the boys were really excited to use some "Lightning and Mater" pens that Jeremy had gotten for Christmas.
We've worked really hard with Jayce on how to hold a pen/pencil correctly. It certainly hasn't been easy, especially because he's a lefty. I can't even hold a pen correctly with my left hand!
He just kept working on his drawings, not even caring that I was snapping picture after picture of him working so diligently.
Just in case your eye can't catch the wording on his drawing (mine wouldn't be able to either if I hadn't seen him write it out), I highlighted the letters in red on this picture.
I love my little boy genius. I can't wait to see what he's going to be able to do next year while actually in school!


Kim M said...

That little man is determined! I love the concentration while working!

It was fun picking out the 4 tires, Lightening's body and of cource his smile!

Great post! This Nana is proud of him!

Aunt said...

Whatever will these little boys of ours do without someone snapping their pictures during all of their school activities when they go? :) It will be hard on their moms!!! Hope you're feeling well, Melissa! Love seeing your pictures on your blog. A.Jeanette