Monday, February 14, 2011

What's Going On With Us.

I guess since I'm not posting all that much, I may just throw up an all inclusive update on our lives every week. So, here is goes:
My venture into becoming a proper housewife/mother is going well, I suppose. I put up some pretty lofty goals last week about de-cluttering... that didn't happen. However, I did keep everything clean. We kept up with the toys and dishes everyday. I managed to get all my laundry done and put away on Monday, so I actually skipped it for the rest of the week. Of course, that means today there is a huge amount ready to go, but I'm ok with that. The best part about this whole adventure into keeping my house regularly clean is that I have no qualms about inviting people over at a moments notice. My greatest fear used to be that my mother-in-law, who is next to a perfect housekeeper, would stop by sometime when dishes were spilling out of the sink onto the counter next to it, my stove top would be covered in food and crumbs, and the house was filthy. Now, that's not a possibility now. Another great advantage to working so hard toward keeping things here under control is that I've got regular help from the men who also live here. There's been more than one occasion that Jeremy will pop into the kitchen and do the dishes so I don't have to, and the kids have become pros about cleaning up their toys every night. They've also come to realize there are consequences to not cleaning up after themselves: the loss of toys. I love that the whole family has gotten involved in our cleaning adventure. Now, I've just got to get to that de-cluttering that I really want done. I think that Valentine's Day is the perfect starting point for that, right?


I've started the search for the perfect school for Jayce this fall. I hate this. I can't figure out who I want to hand my child over to for his education. Part of me (a big part) wants to just keep him home and try it myself. Except that Jayce regularly talks about going to school. I think he's excited about the option of actually going to a school building and meeting new friends and learning. So, I'm searching. There are a few local options that would be alright with me. Our local elementary school has a Pre-Kindergarten program (because Jayce will be five in late November, which is in time for the cut off, I want him to start with a Young 5's or Pre-Kindergarten program, although I know that he's smart enough to be able to handle Kindergarten, just too young), and better than that: they have one of the two Montessori programs in our district. I think that Jayce would love a Montessori program and that he would do so well in that kind of environment. I'm also checking into a few of the local charter schools that have a Pro-Kindergarten program. Jeremy and I also want to check into some of the local Christian schools and see how expensive they will be. I would love to send my children to a Christian school (I went to a Christian school K-12, along with college), but the expense of it is what really scares me. We live on such a tight budget as it is. Then again, if it's God's will, I know we could come up with the funds. I think that I just want my baby to stay to little for school. Unfortunately, that's not exactly happening...


I have to admit, this week has been a huge fail for me in regard to my daily Bible reading. I'm very behind, and I've had a hard time motivating myself to do my reading during the daytime when I have energy to get through some of the tough parts (Currently, I'm stuck in the end of Exodus, when God is giving Moses the rules of living and the measurements/plans for the temple - it's tough to feel motivated for all that detail.), and I'm usually really tired by the time I get into bed, so I've been falling asleep while reading, or just not reading at all. I certainly need some motivation and some prayer from my fellow believers to get myself back on track. I know that I'm going to finish out this resolution, I just need a little something to push me through this tough patch I'm going through.


Lastly, Happy Valentine's Day! Tonight, Karen (AKA Grandma, Mom and mother-in-law) is coming over to hang out with us. Which reminds me: Jeremy had an interesting night at work. He was working a radio and got a call from an officer who was involved in a developing pursuit. The officer had started following a suspicious car, and the driver pulled into a driveway and ditched the car, letting it run through some one's garage door. As Jeremy was getting the information from the officer who was chasing the suspect, he realized that the lucky garage door belongs to his mom. Yes, some crazy (or high or drunk or both) guy allowed his (or whomever's car it was) vehicle to run into Karen's garage door. At 1am in the morning. Thankfully, the people Jeremy work with are awesome, and they got everything worked out, even allowing him to go check on her and make sure everything was ok - except that Karen really needs her garage door fixed. I know that's making for a very interesting Valentine's Day this year. At least we can (hopefully) be a distraction for her tonight. So, Happy Valentine's Day! What are your plans for tonight?

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Sara said...

Hey lady, glad you are hanging in there. I hope you are able to find somewhere you are comfortable sending Jayce this fall. I enrolled Bryce at Cantebury Creek Farm school. He could really use the social interaction and structure! T/TH mornings.

That's funny that you mentioned your readings. I'm doing a bible study right now...same topic. (it's Beth Moore...God's dwelling place...all about the tabernacle.) Sometimes it is rough to keep up. (pretty sure I should be reading, not blogging!) Just hang in there. You can do it! :)