Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Snow Pictures

Standing in the middle of the street, talking with my neighbor. I looked over and noticed some of the 2 foot plus deep tire marks in the middle of the road.
Some of the drifts next to our van.
Our neighbor's pool. During the summer, I can stand next to it and rest my arms comfortably at shoulder level. That's another 2-3 foot on top.
Our neighbor's swing set. I think the snow will inhibit the swinging today.
Compare the pile to the back of our SUV. Yeah.
My front yard. At first glance, you might think, "So what?" until you realize that it's level with our 2.5-3 foot tall porch. Yes, we did dig out a path for the mailman.
I tried to get even with our 3 foot tall fence in the back yard when I took this picture. Notice how the snow behind it is actually taller? That's a lot of snow.
Our back yard. There are actually some toy tub sitting next to the shed one cannot see anymore. Also, I don't think that sliding would be fun - only going down 1 or 2 feet instead of 4.
It's official. I stand corrected. We got the storm. My apologies to the weathermen (and women) that I doubted.


Jenney said...

Holy Toledo! That is some serious snow!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. Aren't you glad God created snow to be white and not some other color? Bet you're looking forward to Spring! Aunt Jeanette