Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Because today was Valentine's Day, I made the kids a special lunch. Yes, lunch. I decided to forgo the usual request portion of our day for breakfast because we were trying to get out to the door to the library (coincidentally, we did not make it there). So, when lunch rolled around, Grayson requested pancakes, just like he does nearly every day. I decided that since Valentine's Day only comes once a year, I'd oblige him and make pancakes. Pink pancakes. Heart-shaped, with sprinkles.
It was a big hit with the kids. Especially since it was served with blueberries, which I've finally convinced myself that it's alright to spend $1.50 on a pint when snow is on the ground. I got very much used to paying a much lower price when we went blueberry picking this summer.
When I pointed the camera at Grayson, this was his version of a smile. The one where I told him to show me his teeth was much worse.
The kids made these cute heart projects that I got from church a couple of weeks ago.
Grandma also came over and helped the kids make these "talking valentines".
I walked in the door after running to the store for a few things, and I was greeted by two sweet faces, framed in hearts, that said, "Happy Valentine's Day! I love you!"
Getting the kids to sit together on the couch to take a picture? Well, that part was difficult. This one was a tad blurry...
Obviously, one can see what's wrong with this photo.
After those two, Jayce was off and running again, and Grayson had turned his valentine into a "talking hand valentine". At least he smiled with his teeth this time.


Jenney said...

Those are very cute Valentines and boys. I think James has the same shirt that Grayson has!

megs said...

Such cute valentines!!