Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

When you manage to get up off the floor (because of the surprise of me actually posting two new posts in just one day - can you imagine!), I'll fill you in on what my New Year's resolution for this year is.
Last year I was successful at my New Year's resolution for the first time in my life. Yes, after 29 years, I have finally managed to make a resolution and keep it - for the entire year. If you remember, my resolution for last year was giving up pop, more specifically Diet Pepsi, and drinking only water for a month. I needed to kick a bad addiction I had going, and I managed to go an entire year without any pop (minus one short mental lapse in which I enjoy a glass of punch at a wedding without thinking about the fact that there was probably pop in it).
In light of the fact that I managed to fulfill my first ever New Year's resolution, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to resolve to do this year. After some thought, I decided that reading the Bible every day was what I wanted to do. So I dusted off the Bible in a Year my brother had given me for Christmas a few years ago. Mind you, making a resolution to stop doing something (like drinking pop) is very different from resolving to actually do something new. Yes, I was reading the bible every once in a while, but actually carving time out of every day to read a porting of "God's words to us" (what Jayce tells me the Bible is every time we sing "The B-I-B-L-E") is going to be a lot different.
And that's exactly what I came to find out that first week. I managed to ignore my new reading for a week straight. It was easy to do, you see, because Jeremy was home a lot, things were starting up again for the winter, and the boys demanded a lot of attention, along with the normal household chores, taking down all our Christmas decorations, etc. But then we went to my friend, Heather's, house, and she told me that she too was trying to read through the Bible in a year. Suddenly, there was someone in my exact place, but with a busier household, more space to clean, more laundry, etc. I knew immediately that I had a buddy who would keep me accountable and keep me in the Word every day. So, thank you, Heather.
I can't tell you how exciting it was to turn to Matthew 9:9-13 this morning at church and realize that I had just read through that passage this week. How exciting it has been to learn more about Abraham, Noah, Isaac, and Jacob than I had in my 18 years of Christian education. How refreshing it is to start and end my day in "God's words to us".
So, here I am, putting it out there: this year, I am resolving to get to know God better, by spending time in his Word. Every day.


Rick said...

What a challenge to go along with you

Kim M said...

I began reading the New Testament from The Message. I've enjoyed reading it in a different ranslation. Keep up the good work - you are an inspiration to me.

Love you,

Lacey said...

Awesome. :) And YAY for no more pop!! :)