Monday, January 17, 2011

Jeremy's Resolution

Yeah, it's not really a "resolution" per see for Jeremy, but it is something that Jeremy's hoping to do this winter/spring. We need to build our kids a set of bunk beds before our new baby comes.
We actually spent an hour Friday afternoon looking at various stores to see what they have, what's affordable for us, and what is actually possible for us to try to create on our own. We certainly got some fabulous ideas (we're thinking a loft bed with stairs that have storage with a twin bed on the floor underneath), and would you believe how inspired I was to log onto Twinsanity's blog and see that she's made the exact thing we are wanting to make for the boys' room! She even provided us with links to the plans she got to build them. Considering that she managed to make that awesome bed/playhouse for her kids, I am even leaning towards the idea that I could certainly help/maybe make them too... Wow.
So, here we go... I'll let you know how it goes. Or which store we end up buying bunks from. Which ever comes first.


Jenney said...

I JUST read her post and was also very inspired. We want to make the boys each a loft bed with dresser underneath and a bookcase off the end. There would still be 2 beds in the room, but no dressers.
I found the exact one I want, but at $1,777 a piece...we'll be trying to make them.
Can't wait to see how yours work out!

megs said...

I want Twinsanity's bed. One day...... awesome project...