Thursday, December 16, 2010

This Shouldn't Happen, Right?

So, last Saturday, my husband and I decided to brave the world known as Toys-R-Us-at-Christmas. Naturally, they didn't have the sale items that I needed for Christmas presents for my kids, and they told me that there were none at our other local store. My only option, according to the sales person, was to order it online at the sale price and maybe it would get to my house before we leave for our out of town Christmas celebrations. So I did it. Because they other store didn't have the game. Or so they told me.
Because I have all the time in the world at this time of year, I decided to run to the other store and just check and see if they had what I needed. Would you believe they did - and 5 of them! I went ahead and purchased what I needed, and called the 1-800 number to cancel my online order. Much to my dismay, I was just too late to cancel. I suppose this is one good thing about - they immediately start packing up what's been ordered. Thankfully they offered me a free return label so that I could ship my package back.
And then this is what I received in the mail today. It's half open, with paperwork dangerously close to falling out, one whole corner ripped up, and banged up so badly that the gift inside was slightly damaged. Awesome.
Moral of the story: Avoid Toys R' Us at Christmastime. And maybe UPS isn't the best way to ship this time of the year.


Kim M said...

Of course you know that UPS is a naughty word at our house - we HIGHLY RECOMMEND the USPS!

And, we like to get our shopping done very early to avoid the madness! I think you will be pleased about that this Christmas!

Jenney said...

Oh heavens. Can you still return whatever it is? What is it by the way? Not nice to leave us hanging, and your kids don't read. Yet.

Sara said...