Friday, November 12, 2010

Jumpin' In The Leaves

While Jeremy worked hard at getting our yard cleaned up the other day, and I kind of worked hard at the same, the kids decided to do some hard work of their own: jumpin' in the leaves.Before one can really jump into the leaves, one must rake them into a pile. Thankfully, the kids were willing to do their own hard work.
They actually worked at it for a long time before needing help from a bigger person with stronger arms to pile up the leaves.
Ok, well, actually one little boy asked for help and the other refused it. I didn't really enjoy raking with a kiddie rake, but hey, we do what we do.
Unfortunately, only one boy really wanted to jump after we worked so hard, but that was his choice.
Ready, set....
I'd give this landing a perfect 10!
We had a lot of fun jumping again and again into the leaves.
Meanwhile, the other boy tried to swing on his own. Unsuccessfully. He's a little short to get up on our swing by himself.
He really didn't appreciate my taking pictures instead of helping get him into the swing.
Especially when I kept snapping more and more pictures because I thought he looked funny. Rest assured, this was the last picture I took before he went for a quick ride before playing in the nearly empty sandbox.
Do you now understand why I said that Jeremy worked hard, and I hardly worked? Hey, someone has to watch the children (and take pictures).

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Kim M said...

Looks like allot of fun - nice job capturing the perfect jump into the leaves!