Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cook's Farm Dairy

I never quite understood why Cook's decided to name their place "Cook's Farm Dairy". I've always thought it should be reversed. But, I suppose no one consulted me...
A couple of weekends ago, we traveled back to the East side of the state, and my baby cravings drove us to Cook's for some cute pictures and delicious ice cream. I thought I'd take the opportunity to try to get some cute fall pictures of the boys. I thought this one turned out nice, minus the need of haircuts and Jayce's goofy face. It was, however, the best photo of both of them.
Of course, they had to check out the scale and see how much they weighed. I wish it was true, as the scale said that the two of them together was only 74 lbs. I know better; after all, I'm the one who pushes them around in a stroller!

We also checked out the baby cows. Grayson peeked in the window of this one and was startled when the calf looked at him. Many screams were followed by some sweet lady trying to comfort him by touching his face right after she let a cow suck on her fingers. So disgusting! Who does that?!?
It was feeding time for the adult cows too.
Then we ventured back to check out the pigs.
Grayson finally got over his fear of the calves and pet one. We did a thorough cleaning of the face and hands before we went inside and got ice cream.
Funny, I don't have pictures of our ice cream... I guess I was too busy stuffing my face. Maybe next time.

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Kim M said...

I hope we go to Cook's every fall for pictures, it's fun seeing how much bigger they have gotten! Love the picture of the two of them posing by the pumpkins.