Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Official

Ok, people. It's official. I need to be locked up in a loony bin. Or at least in my house come Friday this week. That's right, I'm going shopping.

This year, it's not the usual get up early and go out route I'm taking. I'm starting at 10 pm, Thanksgiving night. At Toys R' Us. The most insane after-Thanksgiving shopping place EVER.

Now, where's my straight jacket?

Friday, November 12, 2010

In Search of Color

Despite the fact that it was November 11, the boys and I (later joined by Grandma) managed to enjoy a beautiful, sunny day at the Gardens. Sadly, November marks the month where all of the technicolor Chihuly starts to disappear, along with the beautiful fall foliage. I still went in search of a little color, and I was pleasantly surprised to find as much as I did. Fair warning: this post contains a ton of photos, but not too many words.

I asked Grayson to take his fingers out of his mouth for this photograph, and I got a kiss being blown at me instead. Oh well, it's still cute.
This is what happens when I say, "Grayson, put your hands down here," and put my hands on my legs. Monkey see, monkey do.

The place looks a little drab compared to some of the beautiful summer photos we'd taken. The Chihuly installers are in the final stages of removing all of the installations from this summer's exhibit.

Jayce found a friend to play hide and seek with - here he is counting.

We decided to picnic at the Gardens too. It was much too nice of a day to go home and eat inside.
So, we picnicked (is that a word??) in front of the horse statue. Gave us something to look at while we ate.

Out to the farm we went to ring the bell.

Then we walked all the way to the opposite side of the park to the waterfall. I had some very tired boys on my hands when we got done.
The last of the exhibit being removed. Sad day.

The Christmas trees are being put up and decorated. We took advantage of a photo opportunity while I had two willing participants. Unfortunately, Grayson and Jayce both got a little washed out. I'll have to work on that for next time.

Jumpin' In The Leaves

While Jeremy worked hard at getting our yard cleaned up the other day, and I kind of worked hard at the same, the kids decided to do some hard work of their own: jumpin' in the leaves.Before one can really jump into the leaves, one must rake them into a pile. Thankfully, the kids were willing to do their own hard work.
They actually worked at it for a long time before needing help from a bigger person with stronger arms to pile up the leaves.
Ok, well, actually one little boy asked for help and the other refused it. I didn't really enjoy raking with a kiddie rake, but hey, we do what we do.
Unfortunately, only one boy really wanted to jump after we worked so hard, but that was his choice.
Ready, set....
I'd give this landing a perfect 10!
We had a lot of fun jumping again and again into the leaves.
Meanwhile, the other boy tried to swing on his own. Unsuccessfully. He's a little short to get up on our swing by himself.
He really didn't appreciate my taking pictures instead of helping get him into the swing.
Especially when I kept snapping more and more pictures because I thought he looked funny. Rest assured, this was the last picture I took before he went for a quick ride before playing in the nearly empty sandbox.
Do you now understand why I said that Jeremy worked hard, and I hardly worked? Hey, someone has to watch the children (and take pictures).