Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rain, Wind, Snow, or Sleet

Well, we really only conquered one of those things today, but it still felt like a victory! But first, we carved some pumpkins at Grandma's house.
Jayce liked to think he was able to do it on his own, but both boys really needed help.
Grandma "helped" Grayson with his pumpkin. In all actuality, Grandma did all the work. Grayson didn't really want anything to do with it. I'm not sure if it was being at Grandma's house and being able to play there, or disliking the insides of the pumpkin, but neither boy really wanted to have anything to do with the insides of our jack-o-lanterns.
We had the boys draw a face on the pumpkins and then we actually did the carving.
Here's Jayce's drawing. It was a tad small, so I had to encourage him to add to it a little bit.
Then I got to carve his pumpkin for him, with a little help from Jayce.
Grandma and Grayson worked on Grayson's pumpkin.
Jayce with his finished product!
Grayson with his jack-o-lantern.
After we carved our pumpkin friends, we toasted our pumpkin seeds and had lunch. Then Grandma made us chocolate chip cookies before we headed off to the Gardens, for that last Chihuly visit. Of course, we brought along some toasted pumpkin seeds to share with our friends.
Can you imagine? We actually got a good picture of all of the big kids again.
That doesn't mean that we didn't get a few not-so-great photos first.

Grayson met some new friends back at the farm.
We also stumbled across a pumpkin patch made up of huge pumpkins! Jayce was kind enough to actually pose for a picture for me.
Then he tried to actually move one of those huge pumpkins. Not an easy task for a near four year old.
Grayson was kind enough to pose for a picture too. He doesn't do a very natural smile... yet.
I didn't want to leave our stroller-bound tag-along out of the picture taking!
Jayce goofing off with the big pumpkins.
This is an attempt at getting a posed picture of my two kids together. I had a little help from my friend, Heather, who was making faces at the kids to get them to smile. Jayce decided to make faces back at her.
But Grayson's picture turned out well!
We actually found the last Chihuly that I hadn't seen in the six months it's been on display.
One last stop at the tree house...
and our exhaustion fully kicked in. Grayson sat on the robin's eggs and stared off into the distance for a full two minutes, which led us to believe it was time to go.
Not even rain, high winds, or low temperatures kept us from the Gardens and our pumpkin fun today. And the best part? The kids skipped naps and ran around outside for two straight hours so it was early to bed for everyone! My kind of day.


Assistant Ring Master said...

I love Jayce's pumpkin! And the super smiley picture of Grayson is adorable. You have some sweet kids there!

Sara said...

Melissa...those boys are getting so big!!! I cannot believe you are going to have T.H.R.E.E. kids :) I hope you are feeling well and everything is going smooth so far.

Anonymous said...

I like the last picture the most. Looks very "unposed" . . . like he's reflecting on the good time he just had! A. Jeanette

Rachel said...

Love the pictures! Grayson is looking less and less like a baby & more and more like a little boy. Can't wait to see you guys in a month! We'll have to see if we can arrange some Skyping before then!