Monday, October 25, 2010

Ms. Betsy

Library time is our Monday morning activity of choice for many reasons, most of all Ms. Betsy. As you can see in the following picture (sorry, cell phone pictures - not great), my boys have really taken to her. Grayson finally participates and Jayce doesn't really want to move up to the "big kids" Monday class because Ms. Betsy isn't the teacher. That's why last week was so bitter-sweet. Ms. Betsy announced that she's retiring at the end of this cycle of library times - in only 3 weeks!Come January, I know we'll show up at the library on Monday morning, but I'm not sure what we are going to do. I do know one thing for sure - We'll be missing Ms. Betsy!


Kim M said...

oh, I love Ms Betsy!!! It's great to see Grayson participating!!!

Jenney said...

Awe! How sweet! We have three great children's librarians. James gets Ms. Susan, Jack gets Ms. Elizabeth, and there is Ms. Keisha as a sub for whomever needs it. Pretty sure they cringe when they see my troop walk in, but they are always very kind.