Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Gardens - Fall 2010

I bet you thought that I might be posting one final Gardens set of pictures before the fall weather/snow move into West Michigan and take over. You're probably wrong. I fully intend to make it there again this week, just so I can enjoy the Chihuly exhibit one more time. Which is exactly what we did a few days ago, with some good friends.
Can you imagine how surprised we were that all of the "big kids" with us actually wanted to sit down on the same bench and pose for a picture together? I can't believe that it actually turned out.
As we were walking out, Jayce took the hand of one of his future girlfriends (I'm sure), and they walked together, fingers interlaced. So. Stinkin'. Cute!!!
You should know that I am in no way responsible for these fantastic photos. That's my friend Heather. Pop over to her blog to check out some more of her cute photos!

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