Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rain, Wind, Snow, or Sleet

Well, we really only conquered one of those things today, but it still felt like a victory! But first, we carved some pumpkins at Grandma's house.
Jayce liked to think he was able to do it on his own, but both boys really needed help.
Grandma "helped" Grayson with his pumpkin. In all actuality, Grandma did all the work. Grayson didn't really want anything to do with it. I'm not sure if it was being at Grandma's house and being able to play there, or disliking the insides of the pumpkin, but neither boy really wanted to have anything to do with the insides of our jack-o-lanterns.
We had the boys draw a face on the pumpkins and then we actually did the carving.
Here's Jayce's drawing. It was a tad small, so I had to encourage him to add to it a little bit.
Then I got to carve his pumpkin for him, with a little help from Jayce.
Grandma and Grayson worked on Grayson's pumpkin.
Jayce with his finished product!
Grayson with his jack-o-lantern.
After we carved our pumpkin friends, we toasted our pumpkin seeds and had lunch. Then Grandma made us chocolate chip cookies before we headed off to the Gardens, for that last Chihuly visit. Of course, we brought along some toasted pumpkin seeds to share with our friends.
Can you imagine? We actually got a good picture of all of the big kids again.
That doesn't mean that we didn't get a few not-so-great photos first.

Grayson met some new friends back at the farm.
We also stumbled across a pumpkin patch made up of huge pumpkins! Jayce was kind enough to actually pose for a picture for me.
Then he tried to actually move one of those huge pumpkins. Not an easy task for a near four year old.
Grayson was kind enough to pose for a picture too. He doesn't do a very natural smile... yet.
I didn't want to leave our stroller-bound tag-along out of the picture taking!
Jayce goofing off with the big pumpkins.
This is an attempt at getting a posed picture of my two kids together. I had a little help from my friend, Heather, who was making faces at the kids to get them to smile. Jayce decided to make faces back at her.
But Grayson's picture turned out well!
We actually found the last Chihuly that I hadn't seen in the six months it's been on display.
One last stop at the tree house...
and our exhaustion fully kicked in. Grayson sat on the robin's eggs and stared off into the distance for a full two minutes, which led us to believe it was time to go.
Not even rain, high winds, or low temperatures kept us from the Gardens and our pumpkin fun today. And the best part? The kids skipped naps and ran around outside for two straight hours so it was early to bed for everyone! My kind of day.

Baby Meyers 2011

Blurry, yes. But we captured our first pictures of Baby Meyers, 2011 this week. We also got to hear the heartbeat during the ultrasound. Baby's heart rate was initially 182, but it was also measured at 176 at the end of the ultrasound. Now, according to the old wives tale, the heart rate indicates it could be a girl. However, both boys had initial heart rates that measured at 176 - somehow Jeremy remembered that information! My doctor, the one who told me the old wives tale, also told me that in his experience, it was about 50% accurate. Put all that information together, and we are definitely having a boy. Or a girl. I guess time will tell!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Gardens - Fall 2010

I bet you thought that I might be posting one final Gardens set of pictures before the fall weather/snow move into West Michigan and take over. You're probably wrong. I fully intend to make it there again this week, just so I can enjoy the Chihuly exhibit one more time. Which is exactly what we did a few days ago, with some good friends.
Can you imagine how surprised we were that all of the "big kids" with us actually wanted to sit down on the same bench and pose for a picture together? I can't believe that it actually turned out.
As we were walking out, Jayce took the hand of one of his future girlfriends (I'm sure), and they walked together, fingers interlaced. So. Stinkin'. Cute!!!
You should know that I am in no way responsible for these fantastic photos. That's my friend Heather. Pop over to her blog to check out some more of her cute photos!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ms. Betsy

Library time is our Monday morning activity of choice for many reasons, most of all Ms. Betsy. As you can see in the following picture (sorry, cell phone pictures - not great), my boys have really taken to her. Grayson finally participates and Jayce doesn't really want to move up to the "big kids" Monday class because Ms. Betsy isn't the teacher. That's why last week was so bitter-sweet. Ms. Betsy announced that she's retiring at the end of this cycle of library times - in only 3 weeks!Come January, I know we'll show up at the library on Monday morning, but I'm not sure what we are going to do. I do know one thing for sure - We'll be missing Ms. Betsy!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

ArtPrize 2010

It's fair to say that I live in one of the coolest, most exciting cities in Michigan or better. We have a million things to do here: apple orchards galore, museums, parks by the dozen, small town atmospheres, a zoo, botanical gardens, an awesome children's museum, etc. However, the best thing Grand Rapids ha brought into our lives lately is ArtPrize. Last year we enjoyed walking around downtown and exploring this new and different art competition. This year, we really tried to get the kids involved, to get them interested in art.

Grand Rapids had a huge storm blow through the night before the competition officially started. Since most of the outdoor art was already set up, it had to weather the storm. This piece didn't do so well - the bottom of it shattered. We actually got to see the artist fix this piece and start it up. Jayce really enjoyed it!

This is a sculpture made of metal that melted glass was being poured over. It was interesting to see the artists making it.
These elephant heads moved in the wind.
One of the art exhibits was several pianos painted and set out around the city. People were encouraged to play them, and the boys certainly got into it.
This huge portrait was made completely of Rubik's cubes.
Nana and Papa made it over for a weekend of ArtPrize too.
This is a live statue. He's incredibly talented and totally realistic.

The finished product of the melted glass.
When you laid on this platform, you could hear the music from the speakers above. Fun and interactive.
This beautiful piece of artwork is a mosaic made of glass. So beautiful!
This beach scene is made of many layers of ribbon and string. So interesting!

A gigantic penny made of pennies.

This is a close-up shot of the picture above. It was made from little plastic balls (or paint balls - I can't remember which) lined up in plastic tubes.
My kids were so patient waiting to play this gigantic xylophone.

This Grand Rapids city scape was made from a single piece of paper.
Waiting patiently in line to get into the Grand Rapids Art Museum.
The $250,000 winner. This is a pencil drawing - and you can see how big it is. Amazing.

We had an amazing time, exploring art and our city. Won't you consider journeying to Grand Rapids next fall to check out one of the coolest cities and art competitions in the world?