Sunday, September 26, 2010

BIG Announcement

I'd like to say that our big announcement is that I'm planning on blogging a lot more frequently. But if you look at my most recent post, it's from September 1 - nearly a month ago. I certainly haven't been too good at keeping up with things on here. My apologies.

However, I think that my BIG announcement is much, much better than that! In fact, I think I'll let Jayce tell you himself:

Jayce: I have a surprise for you! It's a secret! My mommy has a sister in her belly!

Ok, truthfully, we don't know that it's a sister yet. I'd say that part is wishful thinking on Jayce's part. But we are expecting again! Jeremy and I are beyond thrilled and excited and apprehensive. While we certainly we not surprised by our third baby, suddenly the realization that we need more space is hitting us. We'll see how that works out.

Telling Jayce about our newest addition has certainly led to some interesting conversations, such as this one:

Jayce: Mommy, my sister is in your belly.
Me: So, you think it's going to be a girl-baby?
Jayce: Yes.
Me: What if the baby is a boy-baby?
Jayce: Then it's a sister-boy-baby.
Me: What should we name the baby?
Jayce: girl-baby sister!

I think that the next seven months or so are going to be very interesting around here!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Munising, MI

I guess we're starting at the end of our trip. I started uploading photos of our recent family vacation, and realized that it would be insanely long. Therefore: Munising, Michigan.
Kevin and Rachel flew up from Virgina a couple of weeks ago to enjoy a Mahan family tradition: Gitche Gumee Bible Camp. Because they were flying out the day after camp ended, the whole family traveled to Munising, MI to take in some beautiful scenery.
Here we are hiking a short path to the Munising Falls.
My Dad and Grayson, checking out the falling water. The boys were surprisingly interested in doing a lot of the sight seeing.
They just weren't as interested in posing for pictures. Keep in mind this was the end of the week - don't you just love Grayson's "death stare"?
Such beautiful scenery.
Climbing down from the upper viewing area.
"Look, Mom! That's where I just was. Up there!"
The family posing on one of the bridges along the trail to the falls.
We kept driving down the coast and found this awesome place!
It was a retired Coast Guard station.
As you can see, there was an overturned life boat along the shore line that made a fantastic photographic opportunity.
Our family even got in on the action. Although, I was a little nervous being on this obviously deteriorating wooden boat. I thought I'd be going in the water to fish out a child or my husband.
Obviously everyone wasn't so into posing for pictures.
They preferred to explore. Off they went down the beach to see what kind of mischief they could get into. Those are tracks that the boats would ride down to get in the water from the Coast Guard building.
Another vantage point.
The sand was a brilliant pink/red color. I think this picture will do well for scrapbooking - whenever I find the time to start again!
Mom and Dad wanted an opportunity to get a nice shot together. I suppose it could have been better without the rugrats in the background, but I'm guessing they will like that aspect of the photo.
London Bridge anyone?
This was inside the Coast Guard building. I'm not sure what it's being used for now other than storage.
After dinner, a dip in the swimming pool, and a good nights rest, we were off exploring again before Kevin and Rachel had to get to their flight. This time we hiked to Miners Castle Falls. While we thought it was a relatively short hike, it really felt much longer.
Jayce was lucky enough to get a ride from many different people.
Grayson got a ride too. Can you see the falls in the background?
A better view.
This is Miners Castle, part of the Pictured Rocks National Shoreline. The picture is unedited because it didn't really need a bump in color: this is exactly how it looked in person. It was absolutely beautiful. The color of the water, the rocks, the trees and even the kayaks totally complimented each other. I've now added to my list of places I want to see in the Upper Peninsula the rest of the Pictured Rocks National Shoreline.
I couldn't take enough pictures at this place. It was seriously one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I can't imagine what it would look like for one of the people in the water.
Grayson had a bad habit of grabbing glasses: Kevin complied this time and let him wear his sunglasses.
Kevin and Rachel at Miners Castle.
We stopped for a very quick lunch before my Mom and Dad took Kevin and Rachel to the airport.
Then we had to say our goodbyes.
While Mom and Dad took Kevin and Rachel to the airport, we took the kids on a glass-bottom boat Shipwreck Tour. This is the building we left from in Munising.
Once we got on the boat, the boys got to have their lunch: cheese and crackers, cucumbers, and fruit snacks. Yum.
Peeking out the window as the boat got going. He wanted to see where we were headed.
It's hard for a nearly two-year-old boy to sit still...
Some of the views as we made our way out to the first shipwreck site.
We came across another boat, just like ours, at the first site.
Our first glimpse. On the bottom deck of the boats, there were viewing wells that opened up (they were benches other wise) and allowed the passengers to look down clearly under the water. While I was busy taking a few first shots, and Jeremy was keeping Jayce busy, Grayson took it upon himself to get a good look of the first shipwreck. He nearly fell into the five foot deep viewing well (which was difficult to actually do, but he found a way) but for the kindness of a stranger who saw him starting to go over the side and grabbed him. Thankfully he was just startled and not hurt. The gentleman on the microphone telling us about the different wrecks we were seeing said later on that they have had to go into the wells for many things before that people had dropped, but that this was the first time he almost had to go in after a child. That's my Grayson!
It was amazing how clear everything way - like you could almost reach out and touch it, even though most of the artifacts were still 5-25 ft underwater.
The area we were in was at the very beginning on the Pictured Rocks National Shoreline, so I took way too many pictures of the scenery.
Totally amazing.
A lighthouse we passed on our way to one of the wrecks.
The boys had a hard time being interested in everything along our boat ride. Jayce got creative with his crackers (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil) and Grayson explored ways to derail the rest of the trip and get into things he shouldn't.
In the Upper Peninsula, highway 2 runs right along the Lake Michigan shoreline. There are many, many places you can pull off the side of the road and take a quick dip or put your toes in the water. So we did. My parents managed to catch up to us (or we caught up with them) in the UP so they stopped with us.
We should have realized that we wouldn't stay clean and dry (and should have left a change of clothes out), but playing in the sand was totally worth it. Here's Grayson in a hold Jeremy dug.
Jayce jumping into the same hole.
We don't get too many opportunities to take pictures with just us, so we posed with the beautiful background.
After crossing the Mackinac Bridge, we stopped in Mackinaw City to eat dinner and explore some souvenir shops.
We found a restaurant that didn't have an hour long wait on a Saturday night, and Jeremy carved the boys' names in our booth, which was covered with other carvings.
Then we got to see the sun set with the bridge, all lit up for the night, in the background. A beautiful ending to a wonderful family vacation.
I'm already counting down the days until we go back again!

What Does This Mean?**REVISED**

Can you guess what this is? Or what it means? Tune in later today to find out!
This was Jayce's attempt at writing his name in the sand in Munising, MI while we were on a family vacation a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I'm that behind. I'm trying to get all my photos edited and ready to post, so hang in there: we should have some new stuff soon.