Friday, July 30, 2010

There Are Tigers In My Mall!

Can you believe this! My husband was working a long shift the other day, so in a desperate attempt to preserve my sanity, I took the kids to the mall to play. Much to my surprise, there were three tigers along with other wild animals. The cages were flimsily constructed with a fence that would hold back nothing surrounding it. Thankfully there were two cubs and an adolescent there. The best part is this: the tigers were there with an organization that was raising money for tiger rescues. One could pay $25 to allow two people into the tiger cage for a period of time. Pretty cool, until I saw one of the cubs playfully chewing on a "trainer". I then determined that I would never allow my two small children in the cage with the animals.
It sure was fun to see the tigers at the mall today!


Kim M said...


Jenney said...

Sick thing is my kids wouldn't have been in there because of the cost...probably not because of the danger. I'm not winning a mom of the year award today. Not even close.
And I miss you. A lot. We'll be in town the weekend closet to August 14 (but I'm too lazy to go look) but its a tournament weekend so we will be physically in Michigan but not able to socialize.

And it makes me feel better to know your boys wear headbands. Because Jack has a front pony tail. Often.

Keri said...

We saw those there the other day, too- but the trainer told me I wasn't allowed to take pictures with my camera unless I left a donation!