Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My kids seem to have a love for sports. T-ball is the most current obsession. Jayce puts on his bike helmet (he needs a helmet, he tells me every time), and goes to town.
It's not only Jayce that is so excited about hitting that ball off of the stand.
Grayson has been getting a chance too.
Although he doesn't quite understand the right way to hold the bat or hit the ball. From this picture, though, it looks like he might be a lefty!
Jeremy even likes to show off how well he can hit it.
But Jayce, he's got it down. He knows how to stand correctly, how to hold the bat correctly, how to swing correctly....
It seems like we just need a little work on "eye-on-the-ball" coordination.
Anyone up for a game of t-ball?


Kim M said...

Pick me! Pick me! I want to play! Jayce does have a nice stance! I'm glad the t-ball is going to Gitche with you!

Assistant Ring Master said...

He should join a league with Hannah next summer!