Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Firstborn

Tonight, I took the kids out in the evening to run errands. I had built in rewards to ensure good behavior: dinner at the Pizza and Hot Dog Store (Sam's Club), fruit snacks, and ice cream from McDonald's.
As I paid for our ice cream treat, Jayce asked me for the change.

Jayce: Mommy, can I have your money?
Me: No.
Jayce: Why not?
Me: Because I need this money to pay for groceries this week.
Jayce: But I want the money.
Me: If you had my money, what would you do with it?
Jayce: (Thinks for a minute) I would buy ice cream.
Me: Well, since I already paid for ice cream, you could do something else with it. What would you do with the money if I already bought ice cream?
Jayce: I would keep it! Mommy, let me have your money and it will be mine!

I laughed for a couple of minutes over this one.
As we were driving home, we cut through an area that has a daycare with a huge playground. I had previously explained to him that it was not a playground we could play at, but that it was for kids whose parents worked and they needed a place to be while their parents were at work. Tonight, as we drove by, Jayce said this:

Jayce: That's where the kids whose mommies and daddies work go while they are at work. I'm a kid!
Me: Yes, you are a kid, but you don't need to go there. Your mommy doesn't have a job.
Jayce: You have a job, Mommy! You're a Mommy!

Melt my heart: someone recognizes that being a Mommy is work/a job. I love my kid(s)!!


Sara said...

That is adorable! His future wife will LOVE you for this :)

Kristen said...

Now you just have to convince him that you need HIS money as a payment. ;)

Kim M said...

I think he needs to educate some people out in the world about the job of a SAHM! Way to go Jayce!