Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Lip

Do your kids ever get those injuries that just baffle you? Or make it look like you've been beating on them? My second born is a walking injury waiting to happen. It probably stems from his thinking that he's actually a three-year-old in a one-year-old's body: he's certain that he can do anything his brother can do! Therefore, he usually has a colorful array of bruises any given day, along with one or two lumps on his head.
Therefore, I really shouldn't have been surprised about the most recent injury. The other day, we were walking out of the house to go swimming at our neighbors. Grayson, being the independent little fellow he is, wanted to walk down the three concrete stairs out the back by himself! The problem was that he was distracted by an ant crawling across the second stair, so he stopped on the top and bent over to take a look - just as Jayce started his way out the door. Jayce tripped over Grayson, and Grayson fell. Fortunately for Jayce, his fall was cushioned. Unfortunately for Grayson, he cushioned Jayce's fall by ending up on the concrete under Jayce. His upper lip took the brunt of the fall. Poor kid!
Wouldn't you know that the same day Grayson's lip is starting to look healed, he took two headers in the house (while the boys were running around and being crazy) and hit his lip both times! Does anyone have some bubble wrap I could borrow for a couple of years??

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Kim M said...

I always thought I should invest in bubble wrap when Kevin was a toddler, but he made it through. I must say, Grayson certainly does try everything Jayce does! This weekend I observed him actually walking in the same pattern to follow him! Be careful and safe Sweet Boys!