Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Kick-Butt Workout

Today, I thought I'd get a little exercise and take the kids to the park near our house - on bike! I've biked to this park a few other times, and I always felt like I had a decent workout, but today was completely different. For the first time biking to this park, I was pulling over 90 pounds behind me in the shape of my two children and their trailer.
The kids had a blast playing at the park - their legs didn't ache from the ride there.
After they determined the playground equipment was too hot, they took to inventive playing.
There was running around trees.
Hanging out at the picnic tables.
Walking on the picnic tables (and yes, I quickly removed him as soon as I snapped a quick photo). Grayson soon found this activity to be dangerous. At our house, Grayson tried this and fell off - thankfully he didn't get hurt.
Playing near the disgusting water. I'm so thankful we didn't get too close.
We finally did get around to playing with the playground equipment.
We just played underneath. In the shade. It was great.
The downfall to our day, trying to get back home. Apparently, the path to the park is mostly downhill, so my tired legs had to pedal up hill, pulling 90 plus pounds, all the way home. I don't think my legs will ever be the same again. That's a good thing, right??


Kim M said...

Sounds like a great workout although I don't think I would try it 2 days in a row!!

Looks like the boys were practicing running around the trees at Gitche Gumee!!

Creativetreasures - Joyner's said...

Awesome is when a mom pushes herself to bring joy to her kids... Great Job! Mom J