Friday, July 16, 2010


About 6 weeks ago (yes, I know, Mom. Long overdue!), the boys and I packed up and drove south with my parents. We met my brother, Kevin, and his wife, Rachel, in Columbus to hang out. Our visit with them was long-overdue and brief, but so very good!
The night we got there, the boys were so exhausted from the lack of nap. Grayson even fell asleep at dinner. However, as soon as we got back to the hotel, he was ready for some giggling and goofing off with Uncle Kevin.
Grayson and Jayce slept on their blow-up camping beds while we were at the hotel. However, Grayson didn't sleep so well that way, so he ended up in bed with me by morning. He was just so cute sleeping that I had to take a picture.
We went to the Columbus Zoo on Saturday. Our first stop was at the petting zoo. Grayson and Jayce had so much fun hanging out with the goats.
Our next stop was the polar bear exhibit. There were characters walking around, a play ground area (that Grayson took quite the tumble and got a huge bump on his head - see next picture), an above ground polar bear viewing area, and an underwater polar bear viewing area. Very fun!
The big bump.
The men on the trip with the elephants.
Uncle Kevin gave awesome piggy back rides when little ones got sick of riding in the strollers.
The boys had fun running around and around this elephant statue.
After the elephants, we took a quick break for lunch. I don't have any pictures from lunch because I was busy chasing off Canadian geese the entire time. These birds were tenacious. They never stopped trying to get food from us - and there were 10 birds! One actually tried taking a chicken nugget out of Jayce's hand. So, no pictures.
Our next stop was the aquarium because it was raining. My parents, Kevin, Rachel, and the boys went through the touch and feel line while I took pictures. Jayce wasn't thrilled about touching all of the underwater creatures, but Grayson sure enjoyed it!
Checking out the huge tropical fish.
The manatees!
Jayce was brave enough to touch the snake in the reptile house! So was I!
These turtles were exhibiting some strange behavior. Do you see the 3 of them stacked on top of each other... Odd.
Grayson and Uncle Kevin had fun checking out the reptiles.
Our next stop was a visit to the gorillas. These guys acted like they were posing for pictures.
And these guys needed a nap. Unfortunately, they didn't see much of the gorillas or any of the monkeys.
They really missed out by not seeing this little guy. This is a 4 month old baby who got in the way of a fight between his mom and dad, and dad took it out on him: the father bit off his leg! Pour baby, but it was so cute!!
The boys woke up to pose for a picture with Uncle Kevin, Aunti Rachel, and a tiger statue.
See, he gave rides to those who were tired of the stroller.
The last thing we did at the zoo was go for a train ride.
We had such a fun time meeting Kevin and Rachel in Columbus. While it helped to spend time with them (because we don't get to see them nearly enough) playing games, swimming, and hanging out, it does make me miss them all the more. Thankfully, we get to spend a whole week with them at one of my favorite places later this summer. And after looking through all of our pictures from our Columbus trip, I'm looking forward to that week even more!

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Kim M said...

Better late than never! The pictures and naration were fun as I relived the weekend again! Thanks so much and I cannot wait for our week together!