Wednesday, July 21, 2010


A couple of weekends ago, our family made the trek to Chicago (technically Indiana) to visit some family that was "in town" visiting from Arizona. While we adore all of our Arizona family, we were thrilled to be able to see Mike and Megan, and to meet their adorable daughter, Minuet!The kids had fun playing "together" for an evening - let's be honest: together just means they played in the same general area. I think this is the only photo of all three kids in the same area.
Grayson got a kick out of this singing, dancing flower pot. I was thrilled, however, to leave the next morning and to never hear that thing again.
Isn't she adorable!?
Jayce, of course, gravitated towards some cars that Megan's grandparents had to play with.
Grayson tried his hand at ping pong. The only problem was that the ping pong table was also a pool table and he got confused over which balls to hit across the net.
Minuet loved our Bob and Larry that we brought along. I'd like to say she's giving Bob a kiss.
Grayson working out.
Jayce being silly with Minuet. I suppose they kind of played together after all.
I absolutely love her blue eyes! And she has the sweetest smile and giggle. It was so fun getting to meet this little lady (and getting to see her parents again!!).
Since we were in the Chicago area, we decided to go into the city for a day. We spent Saturday at the Chicago Children's Museum. The kids had fun playing in their Block Party exhibit. Jayce and Grayson "rocked out" to the music.
Our next stop was at their firefighters exhibit. You can see here that the kids got to dress up in life-like gear.
There was a pole to slide down, a truck to pretend to drive, a radio (which Jeremy proved how good he is at his job) to talk through, telephones to answer, and a "smoke room" to practice crawling through. The boys loved this area!
This is a musical slide. As you go over the white on the "sliding board", little hammers underneath hit different musical notes.
This area was really neat. It was an invention spot. You could create a Styrofoam flying shape and use this machine to raise it to the ceiling and fly it down. There were timers to see how long it would fly. The kids never tired of this room: Jeremy and I did! We needed a break.
The Museum had an awesome water-play area. The kids could put on rain coats and venture all over the place in here: they could great a tube structure to make water flow through, there were various pumps and devices to "move" the water, there were sprayers, and all kinds of fun ways to get wet.
We did eventually break for lunch at Navy Pier where we enjoyed Chicago hot dogs and people watching. Then we went back to the Museum for a while longer where the boys enjoyed building with Daddy. If you take a close look at these photos, you'll notice that all of the big building projects were mainly constructed by the fathers/men in the room. My boys (and yes, I do mean all three) got into the tools and building.
All in all, we had a great trip to Indiana and Chicago and we are hoping to be able to see our Arizona family again soon.


Kim M said...

Oh what a great post - looks like a great time together. I love the firemen part of the children's museum. I'm a little surprised that Jeremy agreed to a lavender rain coat for Grayson, so I'm guessing it was the only color available that would fit him!
Thanks for the pictures, I never tire of them!

Sara said...

Wow! that was one heck of a trip! Looks like the boys LOVED the museum :)

megs said...

Aw, I loved seeing you guys! I also cannot wait till Minuet is old enough to enjoy that very cool children's museum!