Thursday, July 22, 2010

#400 Post - Alternately Titled: Box Boys

I'll agree with you. This totally looks like one of my laundry tubs. However, to those with a wild imagination, this can be many things...It can be a toy to climb in and out of.
It can be a race car.
It can be a way to test gravity.
It can be a hiding place.
It can be a clubhouse.
It can be a way to work together.
It can be a place for a silly dance.
It can be a turtle shell.
Most importantly, it can be a way for two little boys to spend an hour before bedtime playing and laughing.


Kevin P. Mahan said...

Your pictures are always so full of energy. I'm assuming that's coming from the boys as well as your artistic abilities!

Make sure you bring your camera (as if I have to mention it) to Gitche so you and Rach can have fun together playing around with them!!

Can't wait to see my big sis and her family in a couple weeks.

Kim M said...

How cute - doesn't take much when an imagination is thrown into the mix! I think it is wonderful that your boys can take something ordinary and make it fun! They can make their own fun and not have to be entertained constantly.

Sara said...

What imaginative little boys you have! Super cute!!