Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Karma and Other Funny Things

I don't really believe in the idea of Karma, but if it's out there, this is one of those times when it totally worked.

I took my kids to Aldi to do my weekly grocery shopping today. On the way, we stopped and got them a bite to eat because they were having a great attitude about shopping this morning (probably because we started the morning at the park, but I like to think it was just good attitudes). I got two carts, one for the boys eating lunch, one for my groceries. We gathered up all that we needed, and headed for the checkouts. Of course, being Aldi, there was only one lane open, so we waited patiently. Behind me, I heard someone mutter under their breath, "Ugh! She's got two full carts. We're going to be here forever!" I also heard the man with her hush her. I politely turned around and asked the woman behind me if she and her small cart load of groceries would like to go ahead of me. "Oh, sure. Thanks!" she replied, and she went around us and started unloading on the conveyor belt. Just then, one of the workers came over, put up the closed sign on the line we were in, and invited me over to the next lane to check us out. The rude lady just stared at us, dumbfounded. I ended up walking out of the store before she was even checked out. That has to be Karma, right?

On a funnier note, we saw the most hilarious thing while driving down the road today. There was a biker (man) in full biker gear: black, leather jacket with fringe, black jeans, black biker boots, black helmet and a Harley t-shirt. He even had the face of a biker: beard, mustache, stubble, etc. The best part - he was riding an old-lady scooter. I laughed for minutes.

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Kim M said...

Karma, I don't know much about that, but good manners are always a good thing and I think you were rewarded for them!
Your biker story reminds me of the motorcycle rider riding purple stretch pants and white keds! I laughed all the way home!