Thursday, June 17, 2010

Backyard Drama

Do you remember this mess?
It's finally gone. So is the skunk (we think). While Jeremy bravely dug in this corner that Mr. Skunk called his home, I stood inside our house and "watched" for it to make an appearance. I also took pictures.
It took a couple of weeks (crazy schedules, vacation times two, etc.) but we finally got that corner dug out. While Jeremy and I worked on it (yes, I did finally come outside once it because apparent that Mr. Skunk had moved on), the kids played.
Water and the car made for big entertainers during this time.
I'd fill up the pool every morning (this was back during those really hot days we had in May), and the boys would play and play and get the water dirtier and dirtier. Eventually they would get a snack, and this day, they opted to eat it in the pool.
It was slow-moving, but we did make progress. After we cleared the corner out and dug down about a foot in some places (the compost pile that had been there made for some awesome dirt for my flower beds this year), we filled the corner with sand and created a patio with paver blocks.
While we've been doing all this work, our Shasta daisies that the boys and I planted started growing. The boys are getting a kick out of watching them sprout - since they did the planting and have done some of the watering, I think they have a real sense of ownership.
My flower beds got planted (please ignore the chipping paint - that's on the list of things to be done this summer).
Our new shed. It was a 3-4 week project, but it's done. Now Jeremy is going to build a lean-to type roof thing (like that description?) next to the shed for the kids' outdoor toys. (They are currently covered by a tarp because of the recent rain.)
It's a relief to finally be done with that corner, but truth be told, we have a lot more yard work to do this summer.


Kim M said...

Isn't it nice to have that feeling of accomplishment!?! Looks good and the lean to/carport type thing sounds like a good idea.

Thanks for the update!

Jenney said...

yeah for yardwork!