Friday, May 14, 2010

The Grand Rapids Children's Museum

Every year, the Gardens does a swap with The Grand Rapids Children's Museum for a month. Those with memberships to the museum can get into the Gardens for free, and vice versa. We plan to take advantage as much as possible in May. Let me give you a glance at what we did on our first visit this year - in collage format. I couldn't make you sit through all these photos, right? If you want to see something more close up, click on the photo collage, and your computer will blow it up for you.
First up, Super Market Sweep! Jayce and Grayson got a kick out of the miniature shopping carts and being able to choose their own groceries. Jeremy even enjoyed playing the part of the cashier - don't let his grumpy look fool you. I learned one thing: never let Grayson put fresh produce in a grocery cart!! He has quite the throwing arm, and made good use of it by flinging apples, melons, peppers, and onions into his cart.
A sampling of some of the fun activities on the main floor. "Driving" the yellow bug, sorting colored balls, the trains, and just plain running around.
Upstairs there was a Vets Office set up. The boys really liked playing at the a desk. Grayson wasn't used to someone actually letting him play with a computer. He kept looking at me like I was about to discipline him.
In the toddler area, there was this ball track thing. Good technical term, I know. Look closely at these pictures in order: Grayson pulls a ball (which actually was a melon from the grocery area) from the bin and loads it on the track and runs next to it as it goes down. Then he follows it right into the bin. Funny stuff. Jeremy and I laughed for several minutes.
Playing with the colorful beads.
Jeremy and Grandma tried teaching the kids how to make these discs roll on the turn table. They didn't quite get the idea, but they had fun watching!
The Bubble Area! By far a favorite of all who visited. Jeremy showed the boys how to make huge bubbles, and Jayce got really good at it. Grayson just played with his hands in the bubbles. Jayce tried to put himself in a huge bubble too.
Some of the table fun. There were dominoes the boys tried to line up and a magnetic table with nuts and bolts.
Is this one trippy collage!! There are several mirrored tunnels that the kids would play with while I was taking their pictures. I get pictures of the kids here every time we go.
What a fun trip - I can't wait to go back again soon!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! That is an awesome Museum! Looks like you all had fun! Thanks for the pictures and the update! Aunt Susie