Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cornerstone Dedication

Today, the Meyers Family had the honor and privilege to join some of Cornerstone University's faculty and staff in honoring Dad Meyers once again. Last fall, Cornerstone had a tulip tree planted by the science building in his honor, and today they were "placing" and dedicating an engraved stone to him.
Because we arrived a little early, we gave the boys a chance to run around the area a little bit to try to get a little energy out of them.
Everyone started arriving. There was a very good turnout for what we think was exam week.
The small service started right at 11 o'clock.
Professor Fryling started the dedication by explaining why we were there. Professor Fryling is now the head of the science department at Cornerstone.
He asked Jeremy and Lauren (Kalena couldn't be there because of work obligations) to remove the tarp that was covering the engraved stone.
This is the full memorial for Dad Meyers at Cornerstone University.
The stone engraved in his memory. It says:
In memory of Ronald D. Meyers
Science Professor 1979-2009
To Honor His Loving
And Faithful Service
To His Students and To His
Lord Jesus Christ Psalm 19
Next, Gator, a biology professor that has been at Cornerstone just longer than Dad was, came up and talked about Dad Meyers' legacy at Cornerstone.
A close-up shot of the Tulip tree.
Professor Nigel Crompton spoke next about Dad Meyers' impact on Cornerstone.
Meanwhile, Jeremy and Grayson enjoyed a little alone time. I think Grayson was snacking (in and effort to keep him still and quiet for the small service), and Jeremy was scratching his head while trying to stay awake. Unfortunately, Jeremy had to stay up after working all night long to come.
Last, Dr. Joe Stowell, the president of Cornerstone, gave a few words and then prayed a blessing over the gathering today.

I took Jayce up to the stone to tell him what it said about his Grandpa. Minus the finger above his eye, I thought this ended up a pretty cute picture for someone who is hard to get to pose for the camera anymore.
I also tried to get a picture of Jayce and Grayson together with Dad Meyers' stone. Jayce was a good listener and stayed sitting.... Well, you can see what Grayson did.
He eventually came back. This was the best I could get of him.
Uncle Jon-Jon and Jayce.
We took some family pictures and apparently Grayson was under the impression that it was time to climb.
My favorite family picture of the day (minus the fact that Kalena couldn't be there).
Then Grayson wanted to pose. Too late, son.
The Tulip tree - named from the shape of the leaves on it. Mom and Dad Meyers have one of these trees in their front yard too.
The boys playing where they shouldn't be while waiting for us to get ready to go.
Playing near Grandpa's memorial tree and stone.
Holding hands while walking to the car to leave. My three favorite boys.
**Psalm 19**

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