Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Hillbilly Baby

You know, I questioned writing this post, even after planning it out in my head, because I worried that it might be offensive to some readers. Then I thought about it, and realized that I only have a handful of readers anyway, most of whom actually know me in real life, and know that I would not intentionally insult anyone (this means you, Kevin (Uncle Hillbilly) and Rachel!!). That being said, here we go!
Sunday morning, I was getting the kids ready to go to church, and I needed an undershirt for Grayson to wear. I dug through his drawer, and I found this:
My first thought: He looks like a hillbilly!
He even chose to act the part for me while I was snapping pictures of him... I did not encourage my child to do this in any way, it just happened, I took a quick picture, and then I encouraged him to remove his head from the dog bowl.
Oh, the outfit got better when I put on his shirt. Notice the tank top riding up and his belly poking out above his jeans! He totally fits the part.
See the big belly? Normally a tummy like this is called a beer belly, but I like to think of it as a juice belly.
I did end up dressing them for church, eventually. We may have been a little late to church because I was having so much fun taking photos of Grayson in his "hillbilly outfit".
After church, we ended up at Grandma's house for lunch. I couldn't let those cute outfits get ruined by the tomato sauce we ate....
So the "hillbilly baby" came back out to play! The boys wrestled on Grandma's couch and had a blast playing together!
All we needed was a piece of grass sticking out of the corner of his mouth.... Isn't my "hillbilly baby" cute?!


Jenney said...

L O V E it! He could live in Xenia. He's a bit too clean though. This post totally killed me because Jack looked like a hillbilly yesterday and I debated whether to post about it or not...the word "redneck" game to mind with him. He can't get in till NEXT Thursday to get his hair cut so it is L O N G and he had on an all camo sweatsuit. Yeah. Redneck.

MelArcile said...

I definitely had another word in mind when writing this, but I thought it best to use hillbilly. :)