Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Official

I no longer have a baby. One might think that because Grayson is technically an "infant" by the proper definition, it really isn't true. Why? He officially moved into a "big boy" bed last night. So far, one night and one nap time down, and I think he's loving it.
Grayson and Jayce were both thrilled to walk into their room last night to see a toddler bed and Jayce's twin bed moved around. Grayson jumped right into his new bed and asked for his dog and blanket. He was hooked.
Jayce got a little bit of a change too. Since we moved him into his twin bed, we'd just had the mattress on the floor so he could get used to a bed without rails. Last night we put the box spring underneath too, so Jayce had a "new" bed too.
We got Grayson all tucked into his bed, and he jumped right out. ?Got him back in again, got back out again. Gave him a little swat to the behind and told him to stay in bed, he got out again. After one more little swat, he was in bed for the night.
Jayce, on the other hand, loves his "new" bed and new arrangement, and was an angel like always.
Grayson took a tumble out of bed at 6 am this morning, and unfortunately, was up from then on, but it certainly made nap time go well. Here's to hoping that tonight goes well too!


Kim M said...

Awwww - two big boy brothers sharing a room! Love the new look, will be interesting to find out how night #2 went.


Sara said...

That is so exciting! Congrats! I'm still avoiding the big boy bed transition. Until Bryce figures out how to get out...I'm leaving him.
By the way, I saw your post title and thought maybe you were announcing a new arrival? :)

Jenney said...

Yeah for big boy beds! We had a honeymoon period with Jack and his new since mommy is so tired he spends lots of his time in a pack n play...because I have no energy for the in and out thing (and swats don't usually work for him...he actually likes it sometimes and I am not an easy swatter!) We're going to give it a go again at the new house *sigh*