Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Friend's Birthday

Last week, this guy celebrated his 5th birthday. My boys were excited to help him celebrate - dinosaur-style. We started out with crafts for the bigger kids:

There were even puzzles for the kids to make - Jayce and Grayson love puzzles right now, so that was a big hit.
Working hard on her coloring!
Jeremy even got into it a little bit. He was encouraging Jayce to actually color the dinosaur instead of coloring the different pieces different colors.

This guy did not paint. I didn't want to see what he would look like after he was done.
He opted to play with his friend instead. Although you can't quite see the difference in size between these two boys in this picture, I took it because I think it's funny to know that they were born one day apart.
I'll bet you're wondering what could have gotten these three boys to sit still long enough for me to take a picture, right?
One of the birthday boy's surprises was that there was a very special Handy Manny on that night that he got to see with his friends. Look how all of them were very into watching it!
Lots of giggles, lots of fun.
(Sorry, I was holding the birthday boy's baby sister during presents and cake time, so no photos!)

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Assistant Ring Master said...

would you mind if I "took" some of these pics? I didn't get my camera out until cake and present time :)