Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Weekend Of Cousins

Last weekend, the kids and I went to my parents' house so we could see my cousin, Jenney, and her boys. Jenney and I have been close since growing up together, and now that we are having children, we want our kids to know each other too, even if we both live away from "home". So, when Jenney told me she would be home for a weekend, and staying with my parents, I thought we just had to try to make it there.
Both of our boys are very close in age, only separated by a couple of months, so they had fun playing together for several days.
This table was put here so that the big boys would have a place to play without the little boys messing with them. Would you guess that the little boys were there playing more often?
Jayce showed off some of his puzzle-doing skills...
... and helped encourage "Snug" to try to do puzzles too!
"Monkey man" isn't much of a snuggler, according to his mother, but he did enjoy a few quiet moments with my mom over the weekend.
Little "Monkey Man" sure does look sleepy in this picture. Sleepy, but cute!
You could definitely say that the weekend was a little loud, a little messy, and a ton of fun!
I just had to include this photo because "Snug" here is just so adorable!
Nana and Jayce ended the weekend playing catch in the living room.
Check out my cousin, Jenney's, blog for more pictures of this weekend!


Kim M said...

good memories - thanks for documenting it!

Jenney said...

You got terrific pictures! I'm so jealous. It was a great weekend, thanks!