Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some Pictures for Grandma

While Jeremy's mom is living it up in Florida (but it's not that warm, I've heard!), we are still suffering through cold, snowy winters in Michigan. So, the other day, we headed to the backyard to play - mostly in the sandbox.
I love these hats we got the kids this year - Oscar the Grouch and Elmo. We decide day to day who wears them based on the kids' moods.
Apparently I should have chosen differently.
We did end up having fun playing.
And pouring most of the sand on the ground. On Jayce's boots. Fun.
It was a two person game.
Then Jayce had to "clean" his boot off in the snow. This was a fun game they played for about fifteen minutes.
Of course, Grayson got bored of playing and started booking it for the road. I never got pictures of that because I was so concerned about his safety (good job, Mom), but I did get a shot of him trying to get into the van. I guess he wanted to go somewhere.
I was able to talk him into some more sandbox time.
But pretty soon.....
It was time to go inside....
So we did. The End.


Kim M said...

Fun story - never would have thought of playing in the sand box in the winter - great idea!
Does 2 weeks in Florida really qualify as "living in Florida"?

Kim M said...

Oops, my bad, went back and read it again and saw it said "living it up in Florida". sorry