Friday, February 5, 2010

The Sickness

The sickness has taken a very firm hold of our household lately. For over a week now, at least one of our family members have been under the weather with this fever/cold/junk that keeps traveling from host to host in our house. I'm done. I admit defeat. Please, sickness, reek your havoc, and vacate our household immediately. We are officially waving our white flag. While you pack your bags and prepare to leave, we'll continue doing what we do best when we are sick: lounge. Lounge, watch movies, take Tylenol like it's going out of style, try to force food down our sore throats, rest, and sleep.

Please be out by Sunday. We have a busy week planned for next week.

1 comment:

Assistant Ring Master said...

Argh! I despise that wretched sickness that stays and stays and mutates and stays some more. Hope you are all feeling perfectly healthy soon!

I take it we are not on for cards tonight? :)