Sunday, February 7, 2010

Completely Disturbing.

Jeremy found this add in the paper this morning. I thought it needed to be shared. "END YOUR PAIN! Penetrating Power of Magnets! Soothing Power of Copper! Healing Power of Jesus!"
The upper right hand corner says, "Combines the most powerful forces of Heaven and Earth! Do you believe? Wear this solid COPPER MAGNETIC THERAPY JESUS BRACELET for the most powerful healing and comfort you've ever experienced! COPPER has been relied on for centuries to ease the pain of arthritis. MAGNETS are used therapeutically to ease muscle pain, tendonitis, bursitis, back pain, poor circulation and more. And faith in the miracles of JESUS can not only protect you from physical pain, but soothe your soul in times of stress! Fully adjustable to fit most wrists. Order now at this great low price and get FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING! Satisfaction Guaranteed or Return For Your Money Back."

The saddest thing about this add is that there are people out there that will believe everything it has to say. I won't discredit the power of magnets and copper as far as a treatment for many ailments. In fact, Jeremy's dad wore a magnet around his neck for a while, and I'm sure it helped, in one way or another. But to claim that this bracelet has the "Healing Power of Jesus!" because "JESUS" is stamped across the front is just absurd.

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Kristina said...

Oh my.

I certainly won't be buy one because it lacks the healing power of a good old dunk in the Ganges river...