Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big Brother

Jayce is a fantastic big brother.
Jayce has taken it upon himself to start filling in where I am lacking. For instance, when Grayson starts to climb the stairs, as they both know he is not allowed to do without an adult, Jayce will go up after him. Typically, this results in screams of panic from Grayson as Jayce tries to pull him down the stairs. I usually have to tell Jayce that his help is appreciated, but it is dangerous for him to get Grayson off of the stairs by himself.
Today alone, and we are only a couple of hours into it, Jayce has proven that he is the fantastic big brother I know him to be. Grayson and Jayce we both served clementines with their pancakes for breakfast this morning. We have a rule here that the fruit and vegetables must be eaten along with what is "good" for each meal. Grayson decided to forgo his "little oranges" and as a result, he was left sitting at the table alone for a while after breakfast. Grayson didn't enjoy this, and I tried on several occasions to show him that he needed to eat his "oranges" before he could get down and play. At one point, I saw Jayce walk over to him and try to put a piece in his mouth saying, "Grayson, you only need to eat a little bit and then you can go play!" I was really hoping that Jayce's help would do the trick!
As the boys were playing in the playroom this morning, I overheard Jayce exclaim, "Grayson, you are stinky!" I laughed and planned to go change him in a moment. As I walked into the playroom, I saw Jayce grabbing Grayons pants and diaper and pulling them away from his body to "check" him, in the same way that I do. I did tell him that was not appropriate for him to do to Grayson, regardless of if he was stinky or not. I then made the mistake of asking if Jayce would like to "help" me change Grayson. We took him to the living room floor and laid him down. As I was going to wipe, all of a sudden I saw a little hand reaching to help! I told Jayce that I liked that he wanted to be a helper, but some things are just for Mommy to do: things like getting Grayson down off of the stairs, disciplining Grayson (a favorite of Jayce right now), and changing his diapers.
It's nice having such a big helper around here.


Jenney said...

Oh heaven's! Matt read me your "poop" story from Facebook this morning and I was laughing.

This weekend should be very interesting ;o) (Oh, and Jack does the stairs by himself and will probably slug Jayce if he tries to get him off...just fair warning)


Lindzerelli said...

So sweet! It is great that your boys get along so well! Are you on your own for a while? My hubs has been gone since Sunday, so I feel your pain. (except I've only got one to deal with :)