Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are You LOST Yet???

I really thought that the title of this post deserved a couple of extra question marks today because of the mind-bending premiere last night!
Was it me, or did you absolutely hate that initially it looked like the bomb actually "reset" history? While that would have made for an interesting twist plot, it would have made the entire past 5 years completely worthless. I was definitely thrown for a loop. Watching Kate wake up in the jungle certainly made me feel a little more at ease with the idea that the producers/writers actually know what they are doing. Just kidding. Who am I to judge? I certainly couldn't come up with this stuff!!
Ok, let's talk about the two different story lines here: the L.A. story line and the Island story line. Do we have any theories about why we are seeing these two things? I think Juliet's statement tells us what's actually going on (and my dear husband also said something last night): It worked - for the people on the plane in 2004. The people on the Island are in 2007, and we've seen that time is certainly relative on this show. Here's a thought: What if Jack managed to split time when he set off the bomb? What if they did end up landing in L.A., and somehow the story is striving to "fix" itself now that Jack has messed with things - in 2004? What if we see the basic redemptive story line in 2004 that we are going to see on the Island also? I'm actually starting to confuse myself now, so I'm going to move on.
Locke is now the Man in Black/The Smoke Monster/the major evil character on this show now. And he "just wants to go home." Where is home? My theory? I think he and Richard came to the Island on the Black Rock, Richard as a slave. Did you catch the question about Richard loosing his chains? Maybe Jacob did something to "entrap" them on the Island, and to not allow them to age. Although, in the season finale last year, we did see a ship approaching the Island, which I think we could assume that was the Black Rock. Maybe that theory just went up in smoke... haha. But this much is true: The Man in Black/Smoke Monster takes on the form of other people (dead people) on the Island. So, is Christian actually speaking on the behalf of Jacob like he has claimed? Is that where the Walt Locke saw when he was shot in the pit of Dharma dead him? Is Claire in the cabin in season 4 him? Or is she still alive? (By the way, I loved finally seeing poor Claire in the 2004 time line, even if she is a hostage. Although, it would force Claire and Kate to bond, like they did in the original story...) Ahh, so many questions!!
Last thing I want to touch on is the fact that Sayid came back to life. Here's my question: Was it Sayid? My bet is that it is now Jacob... it's just a hunch. And as we know, it's really easy to theorize about this show, but rarely is the theory proven true.
On that note, I would love to bid Juliet a fond farewell. Be sure to catch Elizabeth Mitchell on V, especially if you like these mind-bending, throw-you-for-a-loop-type shows. This is going to be a great season!
Catch a couple of great articles on last night's LOST over at Watch with Kristin and Entertainment Weekly. Oh, and EW has an interesting interview with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse you should definitely read.
Please post your thoughts in the comments section, and let me know of any interesting LOST-related material.


Erin Morgan said...

I agree with a couple of your theories. I think what we saw on the plane is how the show will end. As Jack said to John in the lost and found "nothing is irreversible." I also think that Richard was on the black rock ship that was approaching during last season. And yes, I did catch the "chains" comment on the beach. I also agree that christian was inhabited by esau (the man in the black) because he wasn't buried on the island (just as john wasn't buried on the island). I agree that jacob will no inhabit sayid, and that those guys knew what they were doing when they killed him.

Not too sure about Kate and Claire in the end...

What year was it when they went to the temple?? it was before the hatch but after 1977? I think this could account for the ending being that the plane never crashes and jack has 'reversed' the past.

There are still questions unanswered... charles whitmore, desmond, aaron, etc. Can't wait for next week!

Kim M said...

Everytime I read your recap etc I feel even more LOST! I miss half of what is going on. Now I want to go and watch it again and see if I can see/hear what you mentioned! Maybe I'll just trust you and try to see/hear more next time.
All I know for sure is that after staying up to watch until 11:00 p.m. I was TIRED the next day!

MelArcile said...

Erin - I think they were back in 2007 when they are on the island. That was where the hatch imploded. That's the sense I got. And thanks for the email. Very interesting!

JMeyers said...

I just thought of something else, Desmond is on the plane with out penny because if the Island was blown up back while Charles Widmore was still on it he never would have been able to leave to have Penny. Also was it really the man in black that was Christian in the shack, I remember that there had been a circle of ash around it, but had it been broken? Also who is to say that Jacob was the good guy, (just because he was wearing white?) Will the two worlds connect? What other effects are there from them blowing up the bomb?