Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wordless Thursday? Pt. 3

You definitely know by now that these aren't wordless, right?? Uncle Kevin and Aunti Rachel gave Jayce and Grayson a Christmas present that was deserving of an entire post (not that their other presents weren't, but... you'll see).
Jayce and Grayson got homemade t-shirts from Kevin and Rachel that have our blog header on the front....
and they say, "I'm a Celebrity on my Mommy's blog" on the back. They also have our blog address down the arm.
Too cute, right! I warned Kevin and Rachel that they might regret me putting them on the blog - that they could get requests for some for other blogging mommies! (Pssst... I'll get you connected with them if you do! Rachel is starting her own web/computer design company and she's awesome!!)
So, what do ya think??


Jenney said...

I think that
1) Aunti Rachel and Uncle Kevin need to design some shirts for their Ohio branch relatives
2) they should market these to some big name bloggers and make some serious business! Not that you aren't a big name blogger...just saying :o)
They are SO cute! What a thoughtful and creative gift. Glad you all are starting to feel better. Love getting texts from you BEFORE they turn into blog posts. I feel very VIP!!!!!

Megan said...

Oh very cute idea!