Friday, January 15, 2010


We are just about done!! Jeremy put up the missing wall a couple of days ago.
Grayson got the privilege of taking a bath in the kitchen when he had an unfortunate experience with oatmeal (feeding himself - which he's doing great at!). He loved it.
He got to play with kitchen tools and containers while bathing because I forgot the toys in the bathroom.
He also got his first haircut while bathing. That actually worked out really well, although I'm really sad that he finally required a cut. He had the cutest blond curls, and I'm afraid they are gone now.
Jeremy got the tub surround trimmed and fitted for our shower...
... and with a little help from me, got it hung!
We initially ran out of the adhesive, but after yet another quick trip to Menards this morning, it's all up and now we are waiting for it to dry for 24 hours. By my calculations....
... tomorrow I get to take a shower in my own bathroom! Don't look now, but we are almost done!

(Well, except for replacing the floor, the toilet, the sink and cabinet.... but we are talking about that yet!!)


Lacey said...

Nice job guys!!! :)

Jenney said...

YEAH!!!! We have so been there :o) Great job you guys!