Friday, January 8, 2010

A Christmas of Pictures.

Settle in, maybe get a snack. I promised pictures today, and we definitely have some of those... This is a long post. Beware.
After our weekend of family Christmas', we went to the mall with my cousin's kids. Here's the older boys.
The younger boys.
We went to see the trains again. This is where Grayson got to wear his first pull-up.
Per family tradition, the boys both got to open one present Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning we had Jeremy's family over for breakfast. We mixed a little bit of Meyers tradition with Mahan tradition. I think it was enjoyable.
Grayson and Jayce got a stuffed Lightning and Mater for Christmas. They make good "movie pillows".Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Lauren opening their new game.
Here's Aunt Kalena opening her present from us. She spent the night with us Christmas Eve, so she got to see the kids opening presents in the morning before breakfast too.
For Christmas, we made Grandma a book titled, "Grandpa's Journey." It is excerpts of their CarePages posts along with photos that correspond with entries. I think she really likes it.
I hate to say it, but most of our Christmas presents this year were "Cars" themed. Here are the boys opening presents Christmas morning.
Opening presents at home, together.
A train set from Grandma. We are loving our new train sets.
Aunt Kalena gave Grayson a really cute book and a matching dog. Grayson adores the dog (he likes the book too, but he's only 16 months old) and sleeps with it now. He hugs it and kisses it.
Goofy Kid.
This was Jayce's present from Aunt Kalena. She made a big pillow that has Lightning on one side and Mater on the other. The boys love it.
We finally got some magnets for our fridge. The boys are constantly playing with them. Grayson is always trying to sneak them into our shoes.
Two boys in boxes.
So, we were so sick just after Christmas that I neglected to get any pictures of my parents at our house celebrating. Pretend that there are a few in here....
New Years Eve we went to my parents' house to have Christmas with Uncle Kevin and Aunti Rachel. Grayson perfected his Wii skills while we were there. Rachel did too.
Kevin and Rachel made the kids these awesome t-shirts for Christmas. On the front is our blog header, and on the back it says, "I'm a Celebrity on my Mommy's blog," with our blog address down the arm. Too cute!!!
Jayce and Grayson had so much fun getting in this box and playing.
Kevin and Rachel showed off their new Christmas socks. Normally, I wouldn't get such a ridiculous present for someone, but they go to this "Tacky Christmas Sweater" party every year, so I thought these might make a nice accessory to their "Tacky" Christmas sweaters.
Our Christmas Dinner, on New Year's Eve.
Aunti Rachel was kind enough to show Grayson her nice expensive camera. I think he even got to touch.
Uncle Kevin and the boys watched some fun videos on Kevin's computer. The boys enjoyed their videos, Uncle Kevin enjoyed his snuggle time with the boys.
Of course, we played games. Right into the New Year.
New Year's Day my Aunt Paula brought over her granddaughter (my 2nd cousin), Kaycie. She is so adorable! She loved Lexi, and Lexi loved the attention.
Now you've officially been caught up on our Christmas life, in pictures.


Megan said...

I love seeing pictures of your boys with Jenney's, how fun to have kids close in age!

Erin Morgan said...

I just love your picture posts. Feels so much like I was there!! I missed playing games this year at christmas. Perhaps next year!

Kim M said...

Good post - better memories - great times together! Thanks for posting - I often go back and revisit several times.