Saturday, January 16, 2010

25 Random Things

I've been inspired by my friend to post something (that doesn't have to do with bathroom remodeling), and since I haven't had my camera out since Christmas, I think it's time to let you know 25 Random Things about me... again:

1. It seems like everyone around me is pregnant or having babies right now.
2. I feel very left out of the loop because a lot of those ladies are people I've had babies with (at the same time) before, and I'm not pregnant.
3. We "tried" for 2 or 3 months this summer, but it didn't happen. And I was insistent on not having another "summer baby," so now we are waiting.
4. I want to be pregnant right now.
5. After I told my husband about all this the other night, he texted me from work to tell me that one of his co-workers just announced they were expecting, and another friend announced she was expecting too. Seriously??
6. I cried last night watching all the news coverage on Haiti. It's the kids that are hitting me the most. There was an orphanage that was damaged in the earthquake, and although no one was hurt, it is unable to be used currently because of the fear it will fall in the after shocks. Two American women (I'd assume missionaries, but they didn't say) are running it outdoors now because it's unsafe to go inside. Most of those kids were in the process of being adopted to the US. I just wanted to hold them.
7. The story that affected me the most was of a 17-18 month baby girl. Her house collapsed in the earthquake and her family was killed. Yesterday, a news crew heard the baby crying, and managed to pull her out of the wreckage. She was in there for 3 days, absolutely alone, and scared. She's Grayson's age.
8. I never really thought I had the ability to take another child into my home through adoption. I just don't know if I could love an adopted child the same as my own birthed children. That sounds horrible. Last night, watching those children sleeping on the ground outdoors, seeing that baby pulled out of the wreckage that was her life, my heart was opened. I still don't know if it's a real possibility for Jeremy and I, but it would be something I could consider now...
9. On a much lighter note, today I got out one of Jayce's birthday presents. It's "Hooked On Phonics." I'm planning on starting today or tomorrow. I don't know if this counts as homeschooling, but I'm going to try to teach my child to read on his own. I hope "Hooked On Phonics" works for me!
10. I desperately want to finish remodeling the bathroom (oops, sorry, I did say no remodeling talk...) and kitchen. I want to do that to raise the value of our house so we could consider trying to move in the next couple of years.
11. Want to guess why I want to move so desperately? I need more space for more babies... See number 1-8 on this list.
12. After we do the bathroom and kitchen, I want to refinish the floors. I believe doing all of that will give this house a totally different look.
13. I am 16 days into drinking only water, and it's actually going well. However, I desperately want to have a diet Pepsi. I thought it would get easier, but instead, it's almost getting harder.
14. Because I challenged myself to only drinking water for a month, I would like to ask some friends to be available on February 1 to go out for a Perfect Margarita. Heather?
15. I really don't know if I spelled "Margarita" correctly, but the spell check isn't catching it, so maybe??
16. I am excited and saddened for February 2.
17. February 2 is the very last premiere for LOST. I'm excited to see how the series ends, but I'll be sad that it is no longer on TV.
18. I don't think I am as good of a mom as I'd really like to be. I aspire to be a great mom like some friends of mine are, but I don't really think I'm making the grade.
19. I allow my children to watch too much tv.
20. I am a very lazy person. I don't like housework, so I try to not do it too much. It doesn't bother me to have dishes in the sink or baskets of laundry to fold sitting around, so I tend to allow that to happen.
21. I have thought about homeschooling, but I really do think that I am not organized enough to really do well at it and I don't want my kids to suffer anymore than they need to because of my laziness.
22. I usually clean (I mean, really clean) when I have company coming over. I thank my mother-in-law for coming over 2 times this week, because if she hadn't, I would still have dishes in my sink and crumbs on my counter. I think she would tell you that my house was still disheveled (we were still under construction both times!!), but it was certainly better than before I had invited her!
23. I actually enjoy confessing these random things to whomever randomly reads this. I mean, I know that I have a few loyal readers (friends and family), but still there's something cathartic about making confession "publicly."
24. I have never been separated from my children for more than 2 days/nights since they were born. That being said, we are planning a trip with some good friends in October and we are leaving the kids behind. I don't know how I'm going to do with that. My husband said the same thing the other day...
25. I no longer aspire to be a popular blogger like MckMama or CFhusband like I've said in the past. I've realized over the past few months that I'm no interesting enough, I don't post enough, all I talk about is my kids, and I don't want the backlash that comes with being "known" on the internet.


Jenney said...

Well. Even though I am thrilled to be pregnant...this is a terrible time for it in my life. I so wish you were pregnant too cause I love how our kids are close in age. But when it is the right time you will have more/adopt some. Hang in there.

Beth S. said...

Adoption is a wonderful option. . . what a loving act of obedience. God instructs us to care for the orphans. . . come on! Join me!! :)

Lindzerelli said...

oooh baby! I want to be pregnant too, but I would make a MISERABLE summer preggo. I HATE being hot. I was still wearing flip flops and capris in November. I called Naomi "my little toaster oven."

I think you're a great mom, and I too suffer from houseworkitis.

Assistant Ring Master said...

Where do I start? Ok, since we can't be pregnant together again, we could adopt together :)
I already have Feb. 1st on my calendar so inform Jer right now that he is babysitting.
I don't think anyone is as good a mom as they want to be...I think you are a great mom!
I allow my kids to watch TV too. Unless Ben has had it taken away for discipline. Then no one gets television.
Nate and I will make sure you have so much fun in Arizona, you won't even think about missing your kids. Wait, is that possible?
I don't want to be a popular blogger either. My family and friends make for a better audience :)