Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The True Christmas Spirit

This afternoon, we went to Chuck E. Cheese for a friend's birthday. We had a really great time playing games, eating pizza, and earning enough tickets to get a new squishy ball. (The last one was me. As it turns out, the boys couldn't care less about their new toy.)

Naturally, because it is less than 10 days until Christmas, Chuck E. Cheese was singing some Christmas song along with his usual lineup. As usual, I found myself singing along to the various musical numbers. I suppose I'm finally starting to get into the Christmas spirit. As I was humming along to "Feliz Navidad, " I started to listen to the words (according to Chuck E. Cheese):

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas,
A thousand present will make you happy.
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas,
From the bottom of my heart.

How nice of Chuck E. Cheese to change those words to promote greediness, materialism, and a vastly different view of the true meaning of Christmas. It makes me so sad.

So, tonight we read two new books: "What is Christmas?" and "The Story of Christmas". As Jeremy said, the kids are probably not going to absorb everything that I would like for them to remember about Christmas (although he said "that their heads are going to explode" with all of the information I was trying to shove in - basic theology is probably above their comprehension level), but I'm hoping that with some repetition, the real reason we celebrate Christmas will start to sink in. After all, this morning after church, Jayce told me that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. That's a good start.

So, I guess according to Chuck E. Cheese, I'm not really getting into the spirit of Christmas. But I like my version better.


Kim M said...

I like the true spirit of Christmas better too! Your post reminds me how careful we have to be and to listen to what is thrown at us by the world.

Lacey said...

Im so surprised at Chuck E.! And disappointed in him.... Hm.

Youre a good mom... Your boys will know... :)

Jenney said...

Keep giving them theology, they're not getting it anywhere else! BTW, when you see Snug this weekend (YEAH YEAH YEAH) see if he can tell you the real meaning of Christmas. He tells me easily, but I want to know if he just says it for me, or if he REALLY knows.

Kevin P said...

Miss - keep up the good thoughts and remind them with our actions. Rach & I have taken a more proactive, creative approach to Christmas this year (and subsequent presents). I like saying the real meaning, but we're trying to make sure our actions support our words too. Keep it up, you're doing great!

Also, have you heard of the Advent Conspiracy? It's sweeping the nation - a unique teaching that gets us back to the meaning beyond materialist pressures.