Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The One In Which I Post a Multitude of Photos...

... that somewhat correlates with the post entitled, "The One In Which I Mention a Multitude of Things." Hang on, there's a lot of photos here. After all, we are playing catch up, right?

This is Jayce at his birthday party a couple of weeks ago, with the cake I made for Jayce. He loved the Cars theme.
We had lots of fun playing at Chuck E. Cheese with all of the family and friends that joined us.
Jayce's birthday was spent at two different locations. We started out at our house, opening presents from Jeremy and I and having a special breakfast. We stayed up late the night before decorating (and playing cards) for his birthday.
We then traveled to my parents' house to finish our celebrations. There we had a pizza dinner, more presents, and birthday cake.
My dad made Jayce a birthday cake that had candy Cars on it. Jayce loved it.
The next day we went to Canterbury Village, a little place that celebrates Christmas to its fullest. There is a carousel there that the boys loved riding on.
Most of us got to take the first ride (my mom really wanted to do it!), but Uncle Kevin and Jayce got to go a second time.
We went out to dinner afterward and I caught this sweet picture of Kevin and Rachel there. It was so nice getting to spend so much time with Kevin and Rachel over Thanksgiving. I really wished we lived closer.
We've taken advantage of the recent snowfall and tried to get out to play in it. During the first batch of snow, the weather was still nice enough that Grayson enjoyed a sled ride.
He did not, however, enjoy the tumbles he kept taking because he couldn't walk through the snow very well.
Jayce, on the other hand, wouldn't stop for long enough so I could take a picture of him. Although it is difficult to see it in this picture, the snow went up to just below his knees. Too much snow for the first snow fall.
Jayce got Candyland for his birthday from Uncle Kevin and Aunti Rachel. He has had quite a lot of fun playing that as much as possible. I think we've played it at least every other day since he got it. Here he is his first time with his Aunt and Uncle that gave it to him.
Here's Jayce playing at home.
Jayce has also been really enjoying putting puzzles together. My parents got him a 63 piece puzzle for his birthday. The first time he put it together (pictured - I was so proud) he only needed a little bit of help and direction from me. I couldn't believe it.
After my post about feeling so isolated, I decided to try to do something fun and different for the kids every day. One of the days, I brought several bucket loads of snow inside and dumped it in the bathtub and let the kids go at it. Unfortunately, Grayson was the only one interested in playing, so we had fun!
He tried to take a drink out of that cup that had been in the tub and made the funniest face! I think the coldness surprised him.
We finally got our Christmas tree up. It took a couple of days, but we also got around to decorating it too. Jayce even helped out for a few ornaments.
Oh, yes. Those of you who are facebook friends with me, this is for you. I just have to show you the gaudiest tree topper to ever be used on top of a tree. It is a gold star that has old-school orange lights that have the plastic flower thing attached to it with gold garland around the edge. So awful. But, it was only $1.25 at Meijer last January, so it works.
Lastly, a handful of photos from our recent trip to Meijer Gardens to see the Christmas decorations and the train. The boys enjoyed the train area the most, but the trees were nice too.
Poor Grayson. I forgot how beaten up he looked that week. He'd gotten a scrap across his nose, a bruise on his cheek (in the crease near his mouth) and had a huge lump on his forehead. Thankfully, all of those things have healed and he doesn't look like we need CPS called on us.
Jayce was thrilled to see all of the "pretty lights" as we had not put up our Christmas tree yet.
I do believe that we will need to go back again soon since the boys really enjoyed it and this is the place we always get our Christmas family picture taken!

I believe that we are now all caught up. Now if I could ever get those photos from our vacation in August on here...


Kim M said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for the update - I sooooo appreciate them!

nancy said...

Fun times - thanks for sharing.

Jenney said...

Wow, good to know you are still out there! Wait...we text. Sorry :o)
Grayson looks SO grown up! And way to got Jayce on the puzzle. A 24 piece is still mind blowing to Snug.