Saturday, December 26, 2009

Flood Family Christmas

As a tradition, we always venture to the east side of the state the weekend before Christmas to attend my extended families' Christmas parties. These are the pictures from my Mom's family Christmas. We started out the party by taking photos of all of the siblings with their attending family members. Was that confusing? My mom with her family.
My Aunt Dawn and her family.
My Aunt Cheryl and her family.
My Uncle Mike and his family.
My Uncle Harold and his family. Jenney (brown shirt) is probably the cousin that I am closest to, but we live at least 5 hours away from each other. We try to schedule trips home at the same time so we can see each other a few times throughout the year. We do keep in touch through our blogs and text messaging, but it's not the same as seeing each other face to face.
Our two beautiful (younger) girls, both in their pretty party dresses. Ginny (on the right) had her monkey along with her that also had the same dress on!
Aunt Dawn and her granddaughter, Ginny, were enjoying some alone time before dinner.
Jenney and I were very excited to have our kids play together, since they are very close in age. This is her youngest, "Monkey Man" (her name for him on her blog), and Grayson.
Crystal got a great looking massage by her husband, Luke.
Nathan, my cousin, and his wife Danielle got the prize (not really) for traveling the farthest for family Christmas. They live in Florida, so we don't get to see them very often either. It was great to catch up and see them with their nephews.
Aunt Jeanette hanging out with "Monkey Man".
Seven of the youngest generation: the great-grandchildren. The youngest here is 16 months, the oldest is 6. There were 6 of the older group of great-grandchildren who were too busy to get their picture taken and two who live in WA who were unable to make the trip home. Fifteen great-grandchildren, and one on the way (NOT me, my cousin Jenney is expecting a little girl this spring!).
After taking a few pictures, the kids were allowed to rip into their presents.
Aunt Dawn was sweet enough to help Grayson who was initially too distracted by the other kids to working on unwrapping his gift. Don't worry, he got the hang of it by Christmas morning.
After presents, we just hung out and let the kids play while the adults talked and played games. Here's Ginny showing us how her dress twirled out. She's so cute!
These two boys proved to be quite the moochers. They looked like baby birds, their mouths hanging open in anticipation of the next bite of apple pie. I don't believe that Nana got a single bit of the piece she was served.
The kids had so much fun playing and running together. There was a lively song of "The Hokie Pokie," but the kids didn't participate as much as the adult siblings (my mom and her brothers/sisters). I'd post pictures, but I fear for my life should those hit the Internet. The kids just opted to run in circles.
Danielle had a good time playing with her nephews. She and "Snug" enjoyed flying.
I have to post this picture because I told my Uncle Joe that I would. I'm not sure what's going on here except that Aunt Dawn and Jayce were playing, but I told him that his photo would end up on the Internet and he told me that I would have to pay him for that privilege. I suppose I owe him $1.
I thought this was a great photo of Jenney.
Our two older boys (who are just 3 1/2 months apart in age) by the tree. When I told Jayce that we were going to Nana and Papa's house to play with some cousins, he immediately mentioned "Snug" and "Monkey Man". They did have a lot of fun playing together.
Grayson with the tree. He was being told not to touch, but I just had to snap the photo before enforcing. It was too cute to pass up.
We ended the party with Nana and Aunt Jeanette reading a book about Christmas to the youngest kids there.
We had a great time visiting with family and celebrating Jesus' birthday with some extended family we don't get to see very often. Hopefully it won't be so long until we see them again.


Jenney said...

Your pictures turned out fantastic! Oh how I miss seeing you guys. I posted ALL of my Flood Family pics on Facebook. I'm glad Grayson got the hang of opening gifts, Little Monkey Man never did.

CrysRich said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting them!